Monday, August 1, 2016

50 in 500 : the final update

Saturday was my 25th birthday and the official completion of my 50 in 500 challenge. In the past few days I checked a few more items off including attending a concert (if you ever get the chance to go to Red Rocks or see the Avett Brothers live, don't even think twice, go) and sharing my blog with family and friends. I didn't get everything accomplished and that's okay. I completed 26 items, a little over half! So I'll be adding $52 to my savings account and for the other 22 I didn't fully complete I'll be donating $44 to charity. I'm really proud of myself and everything that I did accomplish over 500 days, so today I wanted to recap some of my favorites.

The items I'm most excited I checked off
1. Attend a professional sporting event. Going to a MLB game was one of the most fun things I did during this challenge. I had so much fun I'm hoping to go to another one this month down in Denver.
2. Leave a 50% or more tip. I did this one at Sonic, so yes 50% wasn't a huge amount, but I have a feeling my small amount was a big surprise to that carhop.
3. Share my blog with friends. This was by far the most difficult thing for me to complete because I was so nervous about it. I posted the link to Friday's post on Facebook and didn't really make a big deal out of it, so honestly I don't even know if anyone saw it. But this was a huge step for me, and I'm really glad I included it in my challenge.

The items I'm most disappointed I didn't check off
1. Have $20,000 in savings. Had I not made the decision to move to Vail last fall I would have easily reached this goal. While having such a large amount in savings would have been fabulous I think this move was worth not reaching that goal.
2. Send 25 handwritten notes. I now own the most adorable personal stationary and I'm sad I haven't used it more. I went a little crazy when I was ordering my monogramed note cards and actually ordered a few different packs from May Designs; they're all so cute I'm really going to try harder to use them.
3. Attend a networking event. I really think I didn't get to this one because I am in a job that I enjoy finally and don't feel the need to network because I'm not actively seeking a new job. This is a huge mistake because networking isn't just for job seekers, it's for all professionals.

Have you ever done a similar challenge? What was your favorite item to cross off?

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