Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Out West Wednesday : 4 reasons to visit a ski resort in the summer

Everyone knows ski resorts are top vacation destinations in the winter, but did you know a ski resort is also a great place to visit in the summer!? We have a saying around here about employees, they come for the winter but stay for the summer. After about of summer I quickly realized how true that is. With the start of August I've realized I'm sadly almost done with my first Vail summer. You might not be able to move out here, but you should visit a ski resort in the summer.

1. Price - I honestly had no idea how expensive ski town vacations were until moving out here. But they're wildly more affordable during the summer. Rooms that regularly go for $800 a night in the winter will be priced down to about $200 in the summer. Plus lots of restaurants have specials as well!

2. Crowds - Ski resorts in the summer are still a bit of a hidden gem, meaning these months are much less crowded than the winter. Less people mean you're more likely to get reservations at the hardest to snag spots in town and not have to worry about someone photo bombing your perfect Instagram pictures.

3. Weather - I honestly cannot even imagine more perfect summer weather than I've experience here in Vail. The temperatures stay around the mid 70s which is unheard of in most parts of the country for summer months. Plus Colorado gets tons of sunshine meaning you'll be able to enjoy the long hours of summer sun.

4. Activities - If you're into the outdoors a ski resort in the summer is your dream destination! There's tons of hiking trails and bike paths to keep you busy all day. Plus fly fishing, river rafting, and jeep tours! Vail recently just invested a ton of money to create summer on mountain activities including a coaster, tubing, and zip lining.

Have you ever taken a summer vacation to a ski resort?

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