Monday, October 24, 2016

tips for your first las vegas trip

Back in September I took a quick getaway for my first Las Vegas trip. I was only there two nights but that was enough to convince me I need to go back! Growing up in an area where we have casinos, and working in one for two years made me think I'd never want to visit Las Vegas. But y'all, there is so much to this city other than just gambling. If you've never been I'd suggest rounding up a group of girl friends and planning a trip ASAP.

So here are four tips for your first Las Vegas trip

1. Your shoes matter - If your boyfriend tells you you don't need to pack the flat sandals, he's wrong. There is so much walking there is just no way you're going to have a good time in heels. I made the mistake of wearing wedges on our first time and had blisters the rest of the trip. Flats when decorated in rhinestones, sequins, glitter, or metallic are even appropriate in clubs.

2. It's hot - yes every place you walk into is going to have the air blasting, but going in between them it gets hot. Make sure to drink plenty of water so you don't get over heated. And at the end of the day when you're exhausted and hot, just pay the $7 and take an Uber back home, seriously no matter where we were on the Strip it cost just under $7 to Uber back to our hotel.

3. Don't get overwhelmed - There is just no way to see and do everything in a single trip. Even if you did stay long enough you'd be so exhausted you'd just want to sleep after a couple nights. Pick a few things you most want to do and prioritize them, everything else can wait till next time.

4. Don't spend a fortune on your hotel - Let's be honest, if you're spending tons of time in your hotel room you're doing it wrong. We booked our room the week before and spent about $90 a night (including the resort fee) to be right on the Strip. Was it the best hotel I've ever stayed in? No way. But it was clean and I felt safe and it got the job done. Casino hotels make their rates lower because they're hoping you'll spend the money you saved on your room at the slots and table games.

Have you been to Vegas? What's your best tip?

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