Friday, November 25, 2016

Gift Guide 2016 vol 1 : what I'm wishing for this year

When I was six years old I mailed my Christmas list to Santa for the last time. I carefully thought about what my little six year old heart desired most and carefully wrote it down; quit the task for someone still learning to read and write. I anxiously awaited Christmas morning when I could tear into all the presents I'd earned from being so good all year. But sadly on Christmas morning I didn't receive a single thing I'd asked for that year. All my presents were the matching of what my big sister had asked for instead. Poor little six year old Hillary was devastated and never wrote down a Christmas wish list again. Until this year; 19 years later I've finally recovered enough to write down a Christmas list again. Here's what I'm wishing for this year

The number one thing I want this year is a mermaid tail blanket. A few years back my mom bought me a snuggie as a bit of a joke gift, but it's turned into one of my favorite things; I feel like this is the new snuggie. I really love the look of the handmade ones on Etsy, but those are about $145 which is a bit much for a blanket. I tried to convince my younger sister to make me one but instead she's making scarfs for the needy. I'd love that flannel nightshirt; it just looks so cozy. I've reached the age where sleeping in my old sorority tees and nike running shorts isn't my favorite anymore. I have the best summer pajamas so now I need a good winter alternative. I've been wanting Cravings for months. I love Chrissy Teigen; she's so funny and real. If you don't think the food she Instagrams looks gorgeous, you're kidding yourself.

The other thing I want is a new work bag. The handles on the one I'm using now are wearing out so I think it's time to be replaced. I'm torn right now on what I want. Part of me wants something fun and similar to the Lilly tote I'm currently using, and then part of me wants something more grownup in a neutral hue I'll use for years to come. Or maybe I'll go with something in-between like a Longchamp or Jon Hart tote.

PS: The reason I didn't receive any of those gifts that Christmas when I was six was because I received them all a month and a half later as big sister gifts when my baby sister was born. I wasn't too excited about having another sibling and my parents thought if the new baby gave me these gifts I'd like her more.

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