Wednesday, December 28, 2016

6 things to do in a ski town if you don't ski

When I first decided to move to a ski town everyone was shocked because I'd never been skiing before. I've now worked for a ski resort for over a year, where a ski pass is benefit given to all employees, and I've used that ski pass less than 10 times. Learning to ski is still something I want to accomplish, but I'm having a very difficult time getting over my fear of accidentally going down a double black diamond. Honestly if I never learned to ski I would still love calling my little ski town home. There is so much more to ski towns than just skiing.

1. Eating - I've already documented some of my favorite spots to eat in Vail, but that barely scratches the surface of all the local spots. I always enjoy eating local foods when I vacation because it's so different than where you're from and use to eating. If fancy restaurants aren't your idea of fun there are still plenty of local bars to enjoy. Apr├ęs is a time honored tradition in all ski towns that can be enjoyed wether you spent any time on the mountain or not. And the best part is these bars are super casual so you'll always be dressed appropriately.

2. Shopping - There's more than just souvenir shops and sports stores. There are lots of local boutique stores that sell everything from furs to hand-made wooden treasures. My favorite store in Vail is Gorsuch which has the most beautiful treasures I'll never be able to afford. I like to play a game where I'll go in and try to guess the price of items before looking at the price tag.

3. Riding the gondola - Did you know you can ride the gondola up and down? It's not just a one-way ride. You can purchase a discounted ride ticket if you aren't skiing and just ride to the top to see some of the best views of your life. Ride the gondola up, meet your friends for lunch, and then ride it back down. This is something I've actually done more than skiing down.

4. Spa Day - Most ski town hotels have fabulous spas. Maybe you just want to get a  manicure and sit in the steam room or maybe you want a full day of treatments. The spa at my hotel has lots of great body treatments specifically designed to rehydrate your skin and ease your sore muscles after a day on the slopes. You'll also probably have access to a hot tub which is always fun, even when it's below freezing out.

5. Relaxing - Just picture yourself sitting in front of a giant fireplace, mug of hot chocolate, and a good book with the snow gently falling outside. Doesn't that sound relaxing? Or maybe you're more into sitting on a heated patio with an Irish Coffee doing some people watching. There is great people watching in ski towns, from the rich and famous in full length furs to small children waddling in their very puffy coats, there's always someone interesting passing by.

6. Take a ski lesson - If you're on a vacation to a ski town and have never skied I 100% recommend taking a ski lesson at least one day. You could be the next Lindsey Vonn, but you'll never know unless you get on the slopes. I wouldn't recommend going up alone, or just with a friend, but you'll be in great hands with an instructor. Most of them have been instructing for years, have taken hours of training, and are even certified. Honestly the only reason I've used my pass as many times as I have is because I've had such great experiences with lessons.

Would you go on a ski vacation even if you don't ski? Ski resorts aren't just for winter, they're also great to visit in the summer!

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