Friday, January 27, 2017

5 reasons I'm most thankful for my sorority

In the fall of 2009 I was initiated into Kappa Alpha Theta. Today we celebrate 147 years of sisterhood. I think it's impossible for our founders (shout out to Bettie, Bettie, Hannah, and Alice!) to have realized at the time what they were creating in founding the first greek letter organization for woman. I know Greek Life isn't for everyone, but for me it was everything. I honestly would not be the woman I am today had I not joined my house. In honor of our Founders Day I wanted to share the 5 reasons I'm most thankful for my sorority

1. My freshman year I got lost in the library late one night doing research for a term paper, after that I was terrified to go back except for a stop at the Starbucks. But my sophomore year I had to help monitor our study hours in the library and forced to go back. I'm so glad I did because I overcame my fear and discovered a truly great study spot. I wouldn't have gotten through exams my junior year had it not been for the study rooms in the library.

2. I lived in my sorority house for three years, and those were probably the best three years of my life. I cannot even explain how fun it was to live with a houseful of my sisters, and to do it three times with three different sets of girls was beyond a blessing. There was always someone there to do whatever you wanted from morning workouts at the gym to late night Taco Bell runs. Plus that's probably the only time in my I'll have a maid and kitchen staff whipping up three meals a day.

3. I held three different offices in my sorority : Jr. Panhellenic delegate, Chief Marketing Officer, and President. The leadership skills I acquired while fulfilling these roles are too numerous to name. I will forever be thankful that my sisters believed in me enough to trust me with these important rolls, especially when I didn't believe in myself.

4. One thing we liked to say was "it's not four years, it's for life," and meeting alumni was such a great example of that. Theta is not huge in Mississippi, when I pledged I only knew one family friend who was an alumni sister. But one thing I loved, and what really sparked my initial interest, was how huge of an alumni base we have across the country. One of my favorite things was to see who would wonder into our tailgates on football weekends. It was always fun to have alumni both from our chapter and whoever we were playing, but it was even more fun when active sisters from other chapters would stop in and say hello!

5. Being in a sorority had it's obvious on campus perks like fun t-shirts and parties, but there were so many off campus perks too. The summer before my senior year I got to attend our national convention in Arizona and meet sisters from all over. It was a great bonding experience with the other leaders from my chapter and so fun to meet alumni who were representing their alumni chapters, including the mother of one of our house boys! I also got to visit Washington DC and lobby on Capitol Hill because of Theta. It was so eye opening to see another part of the political process in person and something very few people will ever have the chance to do. Another cool experience was I got to contribute to our Fraternity Blog after a blog post I wrote about hazing went viral. It went viral in part because of so many Thetas across the globe sharing it.

Were you in a sorority? What was your favorite part?

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