Monday, January 16, 2017

favorite people to follow on snapchat

Last week I shared some of my favorite Instagram accounts, so I thought this week I'd share some of my favorite snapchat accounts. While I still consider Instagram my favorite form of social media I really think Snapchat is going to continue to develop and have a huge impact. You know Snapchat is on to something because Instagram keeps trying to imitate it. But I stand firm on the belief that the butterfly filter is the worst thing to happen to social media ever. Honestly a lot of people annoy me on snapchat and I'll just skip their stories totally, but never these ladies.

@brightonkeller - Brighton is probably my favorite person to follow on snapchat. She doesn't overuse annoying filters which is a huge one for me. I always feel like she's talking to me and not at me which I love

@cblied - Kathleen is one of those people who thinks she's funny and actually is. She's not above using the filters that make you look ridiculous, not just the ones that make you look flawless. Plus she's a fellow Mississippi girl living out west

@summerwind41490 - Sydney always shares the best songs that she's loving. I also love that her snaps are short and to the point. She never drags on and on holding entire conversations over 15 different snaps

@hill_goodfellow - yes I obviously had to include myself. I snap mostly snowy scenery and whatever I'm cooking

Who's your favorite to follow on snapchat? Leave me your name so I can follow along too!

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