Friday, January 6, 2017

Theme for January : Planning makes Perfect

Since I opted out of doing a word of the year for 2017 I decided to instead pick a theme each month. It's kinda the same idea of having a word, but allows a little more freedom within that. Each month I'll pick a new theme depending on what I think I most want to achieve that month.

I've decided my theme for January is "planning makes perfect." I want to really strive to use my agenda all month to plan everything. Plan my blog posts, plan my meals, plan my house chores, plan my workouts, and plan my errands. Planning everything out ahead of time will help me stay more accountable to doing everything I want. Just because something isn't planned doesn't mean I can't do it, but I think having the must dos planned out will allow time for more spontaneous fun want to dos!

What are your tips to planning ahead? Do you use an agenda or use another way?
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