Monday, February 27, 2017

5 places I want to visit this year

Maybe it's the cold weather but I'm dying to take a vacation. Even though I just went home last week that doesn't really count as a vacation. I'm craving a hotel stay with fun touristy activities filling the afternoon followed by dinner and finally cocktails in the hotel lobby bar. Plus I could use some more good filler photos for Instagram. Here are 5 places I want to visit this year.

1. Washington DC - Starting the list with the trip I already know is going to happen this year. One of my sorority sisters is getting married in June which gives me the perfect excuse to visit my favorite city. I'm planning to tack a couple of extra days onto the end of the wedding weekend so I can visit the museums.

2. Las Vegas - I loved Vegas when I visited last year! I knew after my first trip that I'd want to go back, so when I saw that George Strait is playing the day before my birthday I thought it'd be the perfect time. I just need to find someone to go with me.

3. Disneyworld - I haven't been since I was 12 and I'm dying to go back and relive the magic. When I was little we went one May during a flower festival and it was beautiful, but I'm really hoping to go at the end of October to see it decorated for both Halloween and Christmas!

4. Disneyland - Can you tell I have the need to escape reality and feel like a kid again? I've never been to California and I think a trip to Disneyland is the perfect excuse to visit. Plus the flight to LAX is pretty easy and relatively inexpensive from Denver.

5. Mexico - Maybe 2017 will be the year I finally get to use my passport? While I'd love to go to Europe I just don't think it's in the cards for this year. A warm, sunny all inclusive resort could be just what the doctor ordered. Plus these vacations are relatively inexpensive!

Where are you hoping to visit this year?

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