Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Out West Wednesday : a review of Hooked

I'm excited to bring you the next installment of my Vail restaurant reviews. Hooked is actually in Beaver Creek Village, but worth the trip over even if you're staying in Vail. Growing up on the water, I am VERY picky about my seafood and honestly refused to eat at Hooked for such a long time. But a friend had just gotten a new job and wanted to celebrate so I reluctantly agreed to go. I'll so glad I did because Hooked is now my go to recommendation in Beaver Creek!

The dining concept is so fun. They bring out a tray of fish, like we're talking the whole raw fish, and describe the flavor palate of each. You pick one and then they prepare it half raw and half cooked to give you a variety of flavors to experience. You can request certain preparations for each or just let them do what they think is best. We were sitting at sushi bar so we decided to just let them do what they wanted and y'all every single thing was delicious!

When we started I thought the only thing I'd eat from the raw half was a few pieces of the sushi rolls, but I ended up eating everything. I've always been the girl that insists everything is inside my sushi rolls because I don't want to know I'm eating raw fish, but I'll have you know I ate straight pieces of raw fish. I was a little nervous at first, but the sushi cooks did such a great job explaining everything as we went after a few pieces I was happily grabbing for it every time they set down a new plate.

After the raw half they bring out the cooked half. Our fish was prepared three different ways, all of which were delicious! My favorite way was the blackened because the outside was so nice and crispy.  We also ordered a side Brussel Sprouts but honestly only picked at them because we had so much fish to enjoy.

If the idea of eating an entire fish isn't your thing, honestly totally surprised I was so adventurous and it was my thing, they also have a regular menu. It was a little pricey but such a fun thing to do especially with a group because everyone is essentially eating the same thing making it easy to split the bill.

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