Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Out West Wednesday : Tips for beginning skiers

I am far from a good skier, honestly it's a bit of a stretch to even call me a skier. I still pizza and french fry down the bunny hill. I wish I'd grown up coming out west to ski, but that's just not a vacation my family was ever interested in taking. All of that is to say I feel like I am an expert on being a beginner skier. With about a month left of my second ski season I thought I'd share my tips for beginning skiers.

1. Take a lesson - This is my number one piece of advice for everyone skiing whether it's your first time on skis or just your first time at that resort. A lesson will ensure you're on the appropriate terrain for your level and even the best skiers are bound to come out with at least one pointer.

2. Pay attention to your form - Look up. Don't lean back. Hold your arms like you're hugging a bear. I'm not a good enough skier to explain why this is important, but I just know it's the same thing I hear over and over again.

3. Stay confident - This is the part I struggle with the most because it's intimidating with other people zipping around. I'm a beginner so these people are mostly small children around me. Just remember, and have faith that others remember, the code : always ski in control.

4. Know your limits - Once you stop having fun it's time to call it a day. Ski boots are incredibly uncomfortable and skies are basically weights on your feet. Combine this with the fact that you're doing something incredibly athletic at high altitude and its a recipe for no fun.

5. Reward yourself - I always say the best part of skiing is Apr├ęs. It doesn't have to be the bar afterwards, maybe it's a spa day the next day. Or just a relaxing afternoon by the lodge fire, but if you're a newbie skier on a trip with people looking to shred the pow every day you need to have something fun to reward yourself and look forward to.

What are your best tips for beginning skiers?

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