Friday, March 3, 2017

Theme for March : Have Fun

Anyone else totally shocked we're already into the third month of the year? Where did January and February go!? I'm coming out of February feeling relaxed and refreshed. Those few days back home in Mississippi really did me good.

This month I've decided to be selfish once again and just focus on having fun. March can get stressful around here because the spring break crowds are a little unpredictable. While I sadly don't get a spring break in the real adult world, I'm about 60 days out from the end of ski season. I don't think my goal of learning to ski is going to happen this season, but I do really want to enjoy the rest of this snowy time. I want to take a couple more ski lessons and maybe go snow shoe. Maybe I'll even make my first snow man or start my first snowball fight this month!

What are your goals for March?

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