Friday, April 28, 2017

10 things to spring clean

Anyone else feeling the spring cleaning bug lately? Maybe it's watching one of my roommates pack to move out, but I'm feeling like I have seriously too much stuff in my life. The other day I had the carpets in my townhouse professionally cleaned and now I feel like I need to clean everything! When you think of spring cleaning you probably think of just deep cleaning all the floors and surfaces, but I started thinking about all the other things I could clean too. Here are 10 things to spring clean!

1. Closet - Probably the most obvious place to start. How many white v-necks does one need?

2. Phone Contacts - I have so many Sarah from Bio 101 type people in my phone still it's ridiculous considering I graduated college 4 years ago. Please tell me I'm not alone

3. Instagram Feed - I actually have two separate instagram accounts, one for my blog and one that's private. My private one is pretty manageable because I really only follow people I know in real life, but y'all my blog one is out of control. I follow almost 500 accounts, probably half of which I don't even see thanks to the weird algorithm.

4. Facebook Friends - This one is long overdue! I have so many people on there that I honestly don't even know how I met. I'm talking worse than just Sarah from Bio 101; think more girl who lived two doors down at camp when I was 14.

5. Inbox - I jumped on the rollup bandwagon about a year ago but I'm thinking it's time to do another round

6. Netflix list - If it's been on there for 6 months I'm probably not going to watch that documentary and need to just accept that fact.

7. Beauty Products - I actually don't wear makeup on a daily basis so while I don't have tons of eye pallets I do have open products that it's probably time I throw out.

8. Junk Drawer - don't lie, you know you have one

9. Pantry - I'm horrible about stocking up on non perishables when they go on sale. With two roommates and small pantry space this is not a good thing.

10. Freezer - Because I'm just one person I like to cook things that I know will freeze well so I don't feel like I have to eat the same leftovers 5 days in a row. Using up those frozen meals should help out my budget!

What are you spring cleaning?

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Friday, April 14, 2017

How to build the perfect Easter Basket

Building the perfect Easter basket is a simple formula; one real gift, one non chocolate candy, and one chocolate candy. Of course these rules are only for those that have stopped believing in the Easter Bunny. If you're lucky enough to spend the holiday with a sweet baby who still believes all rules are out the window and the more the better is the way to go. But for those that no longer think a bunny brings you gifts, you don't need $500 worth of things. I've rounded up a few "real gift" options that you can still get in enough time for Sunday. And because it's been brought to my attention that I don't include guy things very often I've included a few choices for the men in your life.

shorts / tumbler / tote / cooler

I think my favorite combination is that Bag-all (PS it's currently 20% off!) with Reeses eggs, and jelly beans. How do you build the perfect Easter basket?

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Friday, April 7, 2017

12 Easter dresses under $100

To me the beginning of April signals the start of spring and the need for an Easter dress. Maybe it's the southerner in me, but I just love a good Easter dress. No matter if your plans involve church with your family or just brunch with the girls; every female should buy a new Easter dress each year. And as an extra bonus an Easter dress doubles as a great dress to wear to Mother's Day brunch a few weeks down the road. In my mind the perfect Easter dress is either white or soft pastels with fun details like a floral print or giant bow. And bonus points if you have a matching Easter bonnet! Here are a few Easter dresses under $100 I'm loving.

Can you tell I'm really loving yellow this spring? What does your ideal Easter dress look like?

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