Friday, September 8, 2017

My thoughts on the newest Bachelor

The news dropped yesterday that ABC was finally ready to announce the next bachelor. While I personally was hoping for Eric from this last season I kinda had a feeling that wasn't going to happen. I don't think ABC was ready to have back to back minority stars, but that's a discussion I'm not trying to start here. The rest of the world wanted Peter or Dean, but I never saw the appeal in either of them.

I'm actually thrilled in their picking Arie. For the first time in a long time I'm actually looking forward to this season and here's why

1. Emily not giving the final rose to Arie is still the biggest surprise in Bachelor history. Like I'm still surprised it happened. For those of you who don't remember Emily was all about Arie, like all about him. She was already talking about home towns on like week 3. But in the most dramatic moment in Bachelor history Emily sent Arie home and gave the final rose to Jef with one F. I don't know who was the bachelor the next season, but it should have been Arie. (edited to say I just looked it up and it was Sean Lowe, so now I understand why they didn't pick him the first go round)

2. Arie is 35 which is an appropriate age to use alternative means of finding love. I feel like so many contestants are so young, way too young to go on a reality show to find love. When you're 22 and on the Bachelor you're not there to find love, you're there to become famous. An older Bachelor gives me hope for older contestants all around and more looking for real love.

3. Emily Maynard's season was the first whole season of the Bachelor franchise I watched. My younger sister and I watched together every week; it was our thing. So I guess you could say having Arie as the newest Bachelor makes me nostalgic.

What are your thoughts on the newest Bachelor?


  1. I feel like your Bachelor history is the same as ours – Emily's season was the first we watched religiously too! Fingers crossed Arie is the same Arie we all loved & that he's not swayed by the girls looking for their ticket to 100k Instagram followers. We just love that they didn't stick to the usual schedule of bringing back recent people!

    xo, B&K


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