Monday, October 23, 2017

3 tips to getting over a breakup

Breakups are never easy. Even when a relationship ends with no hard feelings or ill wishes towards the other person it's normal to morn the end of a relationship. When the person that's been your best friend suddenly is someone that you can't text anymore life is rough. Simply put breakups suck, but maybe they don't have to suck so badly. Today I wanted to share my 3 tips to getting over a breakup.

1. have a pity party - Breakups are sad and you deserve your time to morn. I once read somewhere that you should take a day for every month you were together and I think that's fair. Maybe you need to take a bubble bath with wine and listen to depressing music (I actually have a love sucks playlist on Spotify for these times) or maybe you're more into watching sappy movies and crying about how that'll never happen for you. You should also indulge in as much junk food as you want because all that crying has to burn some calories, right?

2. deep clean - You don't need to go all Taylor Swift Picture to Burn, but you should probably box together all the things that remind you of your ex. If you think you'll truly never use them again, list them on Poshmark, but it you think they're things you'll enjoy again just put that box in the back of your closet until you're ready. I also think it's helpful to do a general cleaning of everything, almost like a spring cleaning of your life.

3. think about all the things you couldn't do before that now you can - Did your ex hate that Thai restaurant you love or that classic country station that's your secret guilty pleasure? Well now you can enjoy all those things without feeling guilty. You can enjoy more girls nights and more nights where cooking dinner is really just a bag of popcorn and bottle of wine in front of the tv.

The most important tip is to just take it a day at a time and remember there was life before your ex and there will be life after too. What are your tips to getting over a breakup?

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