Monday, November 20, 2017

4 ways to save money holiday shopping

How crazy is it that we're already talking about holiday shopping!? With Black Friday later this week gift guides and sales ads seem to be all that's on the internet at the moment. I won't be sharing my gift guides until later, but I couldn't let the start of holiday shopping season go by without a post. I still have a few gifts to get (if anyone's seen any good guides for dogs or boyfriend's parents please send them my way), but I've actually done almost all my holiday shopping this year. I'm going home next week to visit my family and it just made more sense to have gifts shipped there, wrap them, and leave them under the tree before I come back to Vail. Holiday shopping is fun, but it can easily get expensive. Today I wanted to share 4 ways to save money holiday shopping!

1. Make a list - saving money holiday shopping is really all about being efficient and making a list is my favorite way to be efficient. I wrote this post last year about deciding who to buy a gift for, and I think it's one of the most important posts I've ever written. The most obvious way to save money is by not buying so much; making a list (and checking it twice!) ensures you're buying only for those you really want to buy for and don't get carried away.

2. Stick to a budget - I love giving gifts which is great for my sense of goodwill to men but not so great for my bank account. Once you've made a list of who to buy for you can make a budget. I like to make a total budget and then decide from that how much I can spend on each person. Going over $10 or $20 on a person may not seem like much, but that quickly adds up if it happens with everyone on your list.

3. Shop around - This tip works best if you know what you want to buy someone already. Just do a simple google search of that item and black Friday deals and if it's on sale somewhere the ads will pop up. Growing up I loved to look though the newspaper ads on Thanksgiving to see what was going to be on sale the next day, but now thanks to the rise of online shopping stores have already announced their sales days ahead of time!

4. Know your deals - Some stores do the same Black Friday specials every year; this is nice because it takes some of the guess work out. If you know your favorite store usually does a certain discount across the whole store you can figure out how that gift fits into your budget. Another deal I love to use is exchanging my credit card points for gift cards. You can either gift these cards or use the cards to buy gifts. And if you plan on doing online shopping, make sure to use Ebates!

What are your tips to save money holiday shopping?

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