Wednesday, November 8, 2017

8 things I'm thankful for right now

I'm currently in the most stressful and busy three weeks of work I've ever experienced. Working in Vail most people experience a ton of seasonality in their jobs with May and October traditionally being the slow periods. So I was totally unprepared for this work load. For the 10 day stretch that I'm in I have a group with events every single day, some days multiple groups with events. Add to that the fact that we're upgrading our computer system and I'm the "area expert" responsible for chairing the group rebuilding the whole thing and you can see I've got a lot on my plate at the moment.

My office has dubbed me Polly Anna because overtime training gets intense I have something positive to say. Honestly it's because if I don't keep reminding myself of the positive things I might end up crying. In that spirit and the spirit of Thanksgiving today I wanted to share 8 things I'm thankful for right now.

1. Taylor Swift's new CD comes out Friday! To say I'm pumped about Taylor putting out new music is an extreme understatement. Taylor gets me on a deep level and I connect with more of her songs than any other artist out there. From the singles she's put out so far from this album she really seems to be coming into her own and I think that's so exciting.

2. I'm sleeping with my heated blanket nightly without feeling like I'm being overdramatic. Last Black Friday I bought this heated blanket from Target and it was the best $15 I've ever spent. Our electric bill is outrageous in the winter, but having this blanket keeps me toasty warm without having to turn the heat up as high. It looks like it'll be part of Target's Black Friday sale again this year!

3. It's large mugs full of soup season. Call me boring but I don't think there is any lunch better than a soup and sandwich. When the temperatures drop there is nothing as satisfying as a hot mug full of soup. If you remember from last year's gift guides my sister gifted me Chrissy Teigen's cookbook Cravings and she has a recipe for Chunky Creamy Mushroom Soup I'm planning to try in the next few weeks.

4. The Christmas bug seems to have bitten everyone early this year. I'm usually a big proponent of not skipping over holidays, something that stems from an old family rule of not talking about someone's birthday unless they were next in line. But this year I'm totally jumping on the skipping Thanksgiving bandwagon. Even though this will be my third Thanksgiving away from home it still feels wrong to celebrate the day anyway but with my mom in the kitchen. Add that to the fact that Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'm all kinds of holly and jolly. I was watching Christmas movies and listening to my holiday playlist on November 1 this year.

5. It'll soon be cold enough to wear my favorite beanie every day. One of the very first items I bought when I decided to make the move to Colorado two years ago was this adorable Helly Hansen beanie and it quickly became a wardrobe staple. It's actually funny because without knowing it I ended up buying the brand that's the official brand of our resort!

6. I'm going home to Mississippi at the end of the month. When I went home in July for my birthday I thought that'd be the last time I saw my family until 2018 because winter flights are usually so expensive in and out of Denver. Like I get it, everyone is trying to come ski, but I'm just trying to return to the land of sweet tea and humidity. Thanks to maybe the best Southwest sale I've ever seen I'm getting to go home for a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And as an added bonus I just found out my boyfriend gets to come too!

7. I've reached the point where I feel comfortable in my job. Even though this week is by far the most stressed I've ever felt in a job I honestly feel like I'm doing as good a job as anyone could in this situation. I've been in my position about 4 months and I think I'm finally getting the hang of everything. I should probably knock on wood though because this system upgrade means we're changing most of our SOPs and winter means a totally different type of group business.

8. I've figured out a way to make flannel shirts work appropriate. I finally don't have to wear a uniform to work anymore and while I'm thrilled to not be wearing something so ill fitting and uncomfortable trying to figure out how to make winter wear work appropriate was a challenge. I've discovered that a flannel paired with a pencil skirt, tights, and booties is both cute and office appropriate. I recently added this one and this one to my collection.

What are you thankful for currently?

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