Friday, November 3, 2017

Guilt free Cheat Days

For the past about two months I've really been trying to be better about my eating habits (maybe you noticed it included in my September and October goals). I've come to the realization that going to the gym is just not something I enjoy and have a very difficult time making a priority. So in order to live a healthier life I've accepted that what I put into my body is going to make all the difference. Luckily I genuinely like fresh fruits, veggies, and salads; however, I also really love tacos, donuts, and anything pumpkin flavored. In order to not go on a complete bender I know I need cheat days to survive. But not all cheat days are made equally. Today I wanted to share a few of my tips for guilt free cheat days.

1. Using veggies instead of chips - Chips and dip is one of my favorite foods; I could eat chips and guacamole all day every day. But if I'm being honest the dip is really the part I'm interested in consuming copious amounts of. If you slice a cucumber and load it up with enough dip I promise you won't even mind that you're not putting a Wavy Lays in your mouth. Carrots with ranch, celery with peanut butter, and bell peppers with hummus are all great options too. 

2. Make your own snack mix - I work next to a cupcake shop and a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so when the afternoon munchies hit I need an alternative or else I'm going to support the local economy and buy something. I like to make my own snack mix, put it in a tubberware and leave it in my desk for emergencies. Making your own is better than buying already mixed trail mix because you can count exactly how many calories you're putting in and you're not stuck with any of the gross parts. My current favorite is to mix almonds, honeynut Cheerios, pretzel Goldfish, and chocolate chips for the perfect salty sweet combination. 

3. Have a backup / emergency meal option - Days that were long at work when I have no leftovers at home are the days I'm most likely to cheat. After getting my butt kicked for 8 hours the McDonald's drive thru (literally the only drive thru in Vail) starts looking like the best idea. I've found if I have something easy to throw together already at home it's much easier to avoid this major healthy eating detour. Some of my favorites are cereal and milk with fresh fruit, packets of tuna, or everyone's favorite Lean Cuisines. These easy weeknight meals have also been a life saver many a time. 

4. Be honest about what you're craving - I've shared this tip before, but it's so good I want to share it again. When I crave Mexican food what I really want is the tacos or the burritos not so much the rice and beans on the side. If they're on my plate I'm going to eat them, but if they're not I'm not going to miss them. There are so many times to use this trick to cut calories while still getting what you're actually craving. Think fast-food without the fries or leaving the whip cream off your Starbucks order.

What are your tips for guilt free cheat days.

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