Thursday, December 21, 2017

2017 Gift Guide : last minute gifts

We are days away from Christmas so if you still have any gifts to buy it is crunch time! At this point your shopping options are very few and far between; you can't even Amazon Prime a gift and get it in time. One of my favorite last minute gift ideas is to put together a themed basket. Themed baskets are great because you can buy everything you'd need at Target or Walmart or similar stores. They're also great because all you really have to know about the person is a general idea of what they like to do. I've put together a few of my favorite themed ideas to help anyone still shopping!

1. At Home Spa Night - Know a girl that needs a relaxing night at home? This is the basket for her. Start with a bath bomb or bubblebath, a face mask, and some nail polish. Add a candle, some fancy chocolates, or a bottle of wine. Finish with a couple magazines (Garden and Gun and Glamour are my personal favorites) or favorite podcast recommendations.

2. Movie Night - This is great for the couple who just had a baby or love spending time together at home. Start with a movie, Kingsman and Wonderwoman are my favorite recent releases, but a holiday movie is always good too. Add some popcorn and a box or two of the movie theater candies. Finish with a cozy blanket or a gift card for delivery pizza.

3. Game Night - This is the perfect last minute gift for families. Start with a board game or two, Battleship is a great classic option or this Pie Face game looks like a fun newer game. Finish with some fun snacks and drinks. Think fun snack mixes, hot chocolate mix, and sodas in glass bottles.

4. Cooking Night - My boyfriend and I love to cook together so maybe I'm biased but I think this is such a fun gift. Start with some cute dishtowels, cooking utensils or an apron. Add some fun spices or  unique sauces; World Market and William Sonoma always have great selections for this. Finish it with a bottle of wine, cookbook, or grocery store gift card. This one is so great because you can customize it to what they like to cook, or even switch it up with baking items.

5. A Day on the Water - Obviously can't forget about the men in your life! Lures start at a low price point and come in so many varies they're fun to buy. If you don't know what type to buy (I wouldn't know where to start) ask a salesperson or someone in the aisle who looks like they're shopping for themselves; fishing people love to share their knowledge. Add a hat or shirt, Columbia PFGs and Guy Harvey tees are great even off the water. Finish it with a 6 pack of beer all wrapped in a small ice chest.

Don't have time to put a basket together? Starbucks' holiday collection is great this year; grab a travel mug and a gift card and you're set. Another great option is to get a gift card to a restaurant you know they frequent; put it in a thoughtful card explaining you're gifting them a date night. As you can probably tell I love gifting experiences so I think memberships (zoo, art museum, rec center, etc) are a perfect gift.

What are your favorite last minute gifts?

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