Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Gift Guide - things on my list

Finally kicking off gift guide season here on the blog. Personally I finished all my shopping on Cyber Monday, but maybe you weren't as on the ball as I was this year and you're still shopping. If you're still shopping for me, you're in luck! I decided to start my 2017 gift guides off with the most important person, me!

Jon Hart Bag - I actually ordered one of these bags before my Vegas trip this fall, but due to slow turnover times it wasn't going to get here in time and I canceled my order. I still really want one of these because they're cute and I know the quality will be good.

Travel Lingerie Bag - I've been wanting one off these bags for awhile. I recently realized how much traveling I did this year, and I'm hoping to do as much in 2018. Having one of these to help organize my suitcase would be great.

Heavy Pot - I rented my townhouse furnished which means we have an eclectic mix of pots and pans. The one I'm missing is a good heavy pot to use to simmer soups all day. One of my favorite foods is red beans and rice, which you let cook all day, and I don't have a single pot I'd feel confident cooking it in.

Black Watch - I've wanted a black watch for years but just have never pulled the trigger and gotten one. It doesn't have to be Micheal Kors, but I love how simple this one is. I don't want one that's covered in rhinestones.

Fire Tablet - I actually bought myself one on Black Friday and I'm so glad I did because I already love it! I've been wanting a tablet for a while because even though I have a smart tv in my room I can't figure out how to get my HBO Go on i, first world problems I know. I can also use my tablet when I travel and to read ebooks.

Kate Spade Vase - You know those items that even years later you regret not buying? That's how I feel about this vase. I didn't buy it when it first came out because $75 seems excessive for something you're just putting flowers in, but I still lust after it all this time later.

Candle - How many candles is too many? The limit does not exist. When it comes to candles my favorites are baked goods scented. I've heard great things about this brand, so I'd love to try one, especially in this sugar cookie scent!

What's on your list this year? Be sure to check back for the rest of my 2017 gift guides!

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