Wednesday, January 31, 2018

5 things I'm going to buy after my no spend month

Was it just me or did January seem 5000 days long? We've finally reached the last day of the month and that means the last day of my no spend month! And y'all I'm so proud of the success I had. Technically I cheated twice the last couple of days with eating out, but with my boyfriend over it was just easier than cooking at home that many times. But other than that I avoided all frivolous purchases! As I'm counting down the hours till I can spend again; these are the the items I've most been wanting, the 5 things I'm going to buy at the end of my no spend month.

1. A King Cake - If you don't know what a king cake is I feel bad for you. It's the traditional dessert of mardi gras and it's delicious, essentially a cinnamon cake with royal icing and colored sugar on top. I plan to order one to share with my co-workers.

2. Gummy Vitamins - I've seen a few bloggers talk about these vitamins this month and I've had them sitting in my Target cart for weeks. I seriously debated if they fell under an allowed purchase for January, you know because they're vitamins, but ultimately decided they were a little frivolous because they're for your complexion.

3. The rest of Kate the WASP's book - I purchased the first couple chapter after I bought my Fire tablet but didn't start reading them until this month. Buying the individual chapters and not all at once was a big mistake because I can't wait to read the rest. I've mentioned how much I love Kate before and this book has been everything I wanted and more.

4. A manicure - Admittedly I'm not one of those women who always has her nails done, but going to the nail salon has become such a little treat for me. I go about once a month mainly for them to do my cuticles and shape them with those perfect round edges I can never replicate.

5. Sandwich from my local bakery - Most people think sandwiches are a little boring, but they're honestly one of my favorite foods. We have a little bakery deli here that makes the best sandwiches on in-store baked bread. My go to is roast turkey and provolone on sourdough with spicy mayo, cucumbers, and lots of shredded lettuce.

Have you ever done a no spend month? What was your first purchase afterwards?

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