Wednesday, January 3, 2018

8 goals for 2018

On Monday I shared my new 101 in 1001 list so it only seems right that today I'd share my 8 goals for 2018. I don't always make resolutions, but I'm feeling good about the possibilities of 2018.

1. Save $1200 - Saving has been a goal of mine the last few years and is honestly something I pride myself on. Saving $100 a month should be very doable

2. Go down a dress size - This one isn't so much about losing weight as it is about feeling good. I'd rather ton up and feel good than see the scale go down.

3. Publish 100 blog posts - About 2 posts a week, totally do able. To hit this I'm going to try to be more proactive and write when ideas strike and build up a reserve of posts.

4. Go to church consistently - I'm ashamed to say church hasn't been my biggest priority the last couple of years. I only have the option of evening service and when it's already dark outside going home sounds more appealing than sitting in the pew.

5. Read 12 books - A book a month, again totally doable. I love to read but the last few years I've been lazy and opting for Netflix over a book at night.

6. Visit one new place - I'd obviously love to visit 100 new places but budget wise I don't see that happening. The boyfriend and I have a few towns we'd like to explore in Colorado once the weather gets better.

7. Complete 20 things on my 101 in 1001 list and blog about them - Hopefully I'll knock this one out in no time and it helps kickstart finishing the rest of the list! It'll also help me get to that 100 post goal.

8. Don't feel guilty for doing what makes me happy - This should be a no brainer, but it something I  need to remind myself of on occasion. It's okay to do something just because I want to to do it.

What are your goals for  2018?

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