Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Perfect Hot Chocolate Secret

I am a big fan of hot chocolate. Growing up I anxiously awaited the week of winter when it was cold enough in Mississippi to drink hot chocolate. As soon as the temperatures dipped low enough I'd beg my mom to make me a nice big mug loaded down with marshmallows. Now that I live in a ski resort hot chocolate is something I'll honestly drink year round.

The secret to the perfect hot chocolate is obviously sharing it with Jude Law/ Mr. Napkinhead, but since that's an unrealistic expectation for most of us I decided to share my perfect hot chocolate secret. I've been working on perfecting the perfect mug all winter and I've finally nailed it down.

So are you ready for my perfect hot chocolate secret? Vanilla ice cream!

After I mix the powder and the hot water I add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It helps cool it down to a drinking temperature and creates the most delicious and creamy hot chocolate. I've tried it with a variety of hot chocolate mixes and it works with them all! And you don't have to buy fancy expensive ice cream; I usually just use the grocery store brand.

What's your hot chocolate secret?

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