Monday, February 5, 2018

4 looks for Valentine's Day

The other day I shared 15 dresses for your Valentine's date night, but today I wanted to share three looks for Valentine's Day that don't require a dinner reservation at the hottest spot in town. I mentioned the boyfriend and I are skipping going out opting to cook shrimp stir fry at home instead. Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday which means I won't be eating meat that day (Catholic problems) and honestly being rushed through a dinner so they can flip the table for the next reservation isn't my idea of a romantic evening. As people try to make the day less of a Hallmark holiday and into a more personal experience I think the idea of staying in or having a casual date night out is becoming more popular.

Work Day - I fully believe in dressing up for holidays even when you have to work. This outfit would help spread some love at the office without going overboard

Casual Date - You and your beau decided to skip the overpriced restaurants and are going to your favorite date night spot. Just because you won't be paying triple digits for your meal doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun dressing up.

Single Ladies - You're single this February 14th and grabbing drinks and tapas with the girls. You're not dressing for a boy; you're dressing for yourself and the fierce Instagrams you plan on taking.

Pajamas - Let's be real, this is the outfit I really want to be wearing. Nothing says love like a cozy pair of pajamas

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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