Friday, March 9, 2018

4 tips to have the most fun for your first hockey game

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend took me to my first NHL game. I told him I didn't want a thing for Valentine's Day and instead would really like an experience and I'm so glad this is what he planned. Not only did we make a fun memory, he helped me cross an item off my 101 in 1001 list!

My boyfriend played hockey in college and is a big fan, but I have only been to very minor league games and it's been years since I've even been to one of those. The chase for the Cup is still on, so if you find yourself at your first hockey game this year, here are 4 tips to have the most fun.

1. Go with someone who knows the sport - This is probably a no-brainer, but going with someone who can explain what's happening is key. Hockey is a fast sport so it's easy to miss things and having someone who knows what's happening means you won't miss the important things.

2. Pick good seats - While it's tempting to want to sit as close to the glass as possible I wouldn't recommend it for your first hockey game. We sat a little higher up so I had a good view of the entire rink and could see everything that was happening no matter which side the action was on.

3. Make it fun - Making it fun means different things to different people. Maybe you want to go totally decked out in team colors or you make a sign. For me this meant making a bet about the final score with the next day's lunch at stake.

4. Pick the right wardrobe - Hockey is a very casual sport, so dress for comfort. I'd suggest a couple of light layers so you can adjust for the temperatures. Remember hockey relies on having an ice rink, so they keep it a little chilly inside.

Have you been to a hockey game? What are your tips for enjoying your first game?

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