Monday, March 12, 2018

5 places I'd love to go for spring break

Okay so I know good and well that "spring break" does not exist in the real adult world. But let's for a minute pretend it did. Now that we're really into March all anyone is talking about is spring break, and y'all I'm jealous I don't get to go! The boyfriend and I are making a quick trip down to Dallas next week, but that doesn't count. So if I could get the time off and had the extra cash to spend these are the 5 places I'd love to go for spring break.

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1. Hawaii - I literally never thought I'd want to visit Hawaii, but I've added it to my bucket list recently. I'd love to spend a day lounging by the pool with a giant sunhat, good book, and a cocktail.

2. Las Vegas - My friend Ashleigh recently moved to Vegas and I'd love to go visit her! Plus I've decided Vegas is the perfect city for a quick getaway because I'm convinced if you spend more than 2 nights you'll die.

3. Whistler / Blackcomb - Yes I realize how absurd it is to list a ski resort in this list, but hear me out. I finally got my passport renewed and I'm dying to get the first stamp in it and Canada just seems so accessible and safe. Plus my ski pass works for that mountain too, so it's a fiscally responsible trip.

4. Paris - One of my friends recently invited me to go to London, Paris, and Amersterdam with her and I had to regrettably turn her down. I've always dreamed of visiting Paris in the spring, so it seems like a natural choice for this list.

5. Disney World - One year we went to Disney World for the Flower and Garden show in Epcot and now that I'm an adult that understands the importance of a good instagram I need to go back. Plus I'm dying to wear my Mickey ears.

Where would you love to go for spring break?

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  1. Las Vegas is a great Spring Break trip cause the weather is warm but not yet 100+ degrees and there's so much to do, you can spend 3-4 days and feel good about coming home and relaxing the rest of your time off.


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