Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Howdy from Texas

Hey What's Up Hello! Still alive over here even though I've basically been silent on all social media. Moving to a new state and getting accustomed to a new job has really taken it out of me. I know I'm tired because I easily pass out on my air mattress every night. I've been in Dallas a little over a week now and with each day I'm even more convinced this was the right decision for me. Hopefully I'll get a real post up soon, but until then here are a few random thoughts (plus one embarrassing photo) from my first few days in the Lone Star State!

Did you really move to a new state if you don't get a photo by the welcome sign 

I have not seen a single bluebonnet, but I have seen a couple of cows on the side of the road.

I've only eaten Whataburger once since moving, which is funny because it wasn't unusual for me to eat it three or more times when the boy friend and I would be visiting.

It's been too cold to wear sandals and I am dying a little/ feel like I brought all the cold weather with me.

Driving in city traffic isn't so bad, but that's probably because I drive the opposite way of traffic to get to/from work.

Speaking of driving, I no longer need to use my gps to get to the mall or Home Goods #priorities

While online shopping (lol that I thought I'd stop that once I lived in civilization) I've only sent things to my old address once.

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