Tuesday, May 29, 2018

First Thoughts on the Bachelorette Guys

To say I was excited for this season of the Bachelorette to begin is an understatement. I was originally on the Arie fan train, but after what he did last season I think he's the scum between Chris Harrison's toes. I can't even bring myself to talk about what he did and how gross it was. So long story short, I'm excited to see Becca find the love she deserves! I think Becca is going to keep it real and not let herself get walked over. She has that mid-western no nonsense personality.

I haven't looked at any spoilers for this season, so I'm excited to watch Becca's love story unfold. Today I thought it'd be fun to give you my first thoughts on the Bachelorette guys.

Intro Videos 

Clay - too good to be true

Garrett - cute, but please for the love of God do not do that impression all season

Jordan - do you really want to be engaged to a model?

Lincoln - unmemorable

Joe - he's going to go far, maybe the next bachelor

Jean Blanc - does he just want to add Becca to his collection?

Colton - Very Cute! Please keep him around for a while

Limo Introductions 

Colton - Still so cute!

Grant - electrician, a man with a real job

Clay - reminds me of a puppy

Jean Blanc - hard pass

Connor - his pants look a little short, did he hit a growth spurt in the car?

Joe - weak intro, but I still like him

John - sweet story to throw in the grandparents

Leo - he has better hair than Becca

Jordan - He looks like a Ken doll

Rickey - glad he wore gray

Alex - literally couldn't tell you one thing about him

Nick - points for the costume, funny without being over the top

Mike - Arie cutout fell a little short

Garrett - Is he driving a mini van? Oh wait, that's actually really cute!  

Blake - seems to have an obsession with riding things

Lincoln - the cake guy! Now I'll remember him

Chase - all about the "chase" lol

Darius - I've got nothing

Ryan - banjoist, terrible job and terrible jacket

Christian - usually not a fan of former jobs, but former harlem globe trotter is legit

Some guy I literally know so little about I don't even know his name

Jason - middle school handshake, cool

Kamil - short pants and bad shoes and bad intro. He's a no for me

Jake - from State Farm! probably would have been a better intro

Trent - "I literally died" I'm a fan

Christian - good brows

David - I guess you can dress like a chicken when you're a venue capitalist

Chris - watched last season, never a fan of guys who are franchise fans. The gospel choir was legit though

Are you watching the Bachelorette this season? Who are your favorites?

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