Monday, June 25, 2018

Netflix Watch List

With the temps heating up it's time to add more inside activities into our lives. When I lived in Colorado I spent the most time watching Netflix when it was cold and snowy outside, but now that the temperature is regularly getting up to triple digits I think this is the best weather to enjoy some Netflix watching. Here's what I've been watching lately.

1. Mad Money - I watched this on a whim one night when I couldn't sleep and it was such a great pick! Three woman working for the Federal Reserve decide to band together and steal the old money set to be destroyed so new fresh money can be introduced into society. Yes it was predictable, but still very enjoyable.

2. Scandal - I've been watching Scandal since the end of season one, but my boyfriend has never seen it before now. It's really fun to go back and watch the character development from the beginning. The entire series is now available on Netflix so this is a great binge watch show.

3. Star Trek Enterprise - Okay so I'm not normally a star trek girl, but this is so good! My boyfriend was watching this one one day and I got hooked. I thought Star Trek was super nerdy, but really it's just about people and different cultures.

4. Coco - You already know how much I love this movie! The fact that it's now on Netflix is actually the best thing to happen to me this year. If you still haven't seen this one do yourself a favor and go watch it now.

5. Kimmy Schmidt - Fair warning, this is only a half, mini season; I was not prepared for only 6 episodes. I thought Jacqueline really shined in this season, which I loved because she's my favorite. I thought there was a lot lacking from the other characters but I'm going to blame that on the fact that there wasn't a full season for them to shine.

Next month I'm excited for Get Smart and all the Jurassic Park movies to be added. And as a heads up, leaving Netflix next month are some gems, including the Bring It On movies.

What's currently on your Netflix watch list?

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