Friday, June 22, 2018

summer 2018 bucket list

Three cheers for the official start of summer earlier this week! Summer is without a doubt my favorite season. As a fire sign (Leo baby right here) I thrive in the heat, and it doesn't hurt that my birthday is smack in the middle of summer! One of my biggest complaints about living in the mountains was the lack of a hot summer; everyone thought I was crazy, but I honestly missed triple digits days. We're on track for one of the hottest summers in recent memory here in Texas and I can't wait. The heat makes most people sleepy, but it makes me feel alive. Today I thought it'd be fun to share my summer 2018 bucket list.

1. Make the perfect salad
2. Make the perfect fruit salad
3. Make homemade popsicles
4. Get a stamp in my passport
5. Visit a new town in Texas
6. Get a tan
7. Go to a Rangers game
8. Win a round of mini golf
9. Visit my parents
10. Work out three times a week for 3 weeks straight
11. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
12. Try 3 new brunch restaurants
13. Finish furnishing my apartment
14. Take the pup to the dog park
15. Go see Mamma Mia 2
16. Start selling on Poshmark again
17. Be in bed by 9:30 every night for a week
18. Eat birthday cake

What's on your summer 2018 bucket list?

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