Monday, July 9, 2018

birthday wish list

My birthday is only three weeks away! I really feel like it snuck up on me this year. Honestly where has the first part of 2018 gone, weren't we just posting holiday 2017 gift guides? I wasn't going to post a birthday wish list, but my boyfriend has requested it. It's funny because when I first started blogging I'd post these wish list gift guides but also refused to share this space with anyone I actually knew. Now that I've shared this space it feels kinda weird to post a birthday wish list, but here we are!

DAL Baseball Cap (but in gray)

I just got a new iPhone (thanks mom and dad!) so there really isn't a ton I want or need this year. The other thing I want is a Sephora gift card because I'm dying to try that new Perk Hydrating Facial, but I honestly have no idea what I'd buy with it to get that complimentary service. What would you spend $75 on at Sephora right now?

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