Monday, August 27, 2018

summer playlist

With summer quickly coming to a close I thought I'd share the songs I've been playing on repeat lately. I love a good playlist. After a busy day I love nothing more than to come home and put on some music and just sit; it's so much more relaxing than turning on the tv. I also feel like I'm way more productive with a playlist vs turning on the tv when it comes to cleaning or working on wedding research. Anyway here's my summer playlist to help you enjoy the last week of summer!

What was on your summer playlist?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Link Love

Happy Friday; three cheers for making it to the end of the week! Today I wanted to share some of the random things I've found online that have caught my attention lately. They're all super random and there's not much thought to any of them.

Al Roker has a new segment called COLD CUTS where he interviews stars while making classic sandwiches. This episode with Lance Bass is pure gold.

Have you seen this video of the dog who stole the frisbee with a go pro camera attached? I think it's impossible to watch and not smile.

The Money Diaries series from Refinery29 is easily one of my favorite things online. I hardly read any of the other articles they publish, but I can't get enough of this series. Each week there is a new person in a new city with a new budget and they detail what they spend in a week. Maybe it's because I'm nosey, but I just think they're fascinating.

Last year my boyfriend fiancĂ© and I went to Disneyland, which you can read about here. My favorite attraction was the Tiki Room, and not just because it's home to DoleWhip and AC. I found this blog post all about the Tiki Room in Disneyland, Disneyworld, and beyond and loved learning all about it.

Did you see the drama about Rachel Lindsay of the Bachelorette being upset that people like Becca more than her? Basically Rachel is mad that people are happy Becca got a happy ending while we're all still a little upset that Rachel didn't give the final rose to Peter.

I'm obsessed with these junk food as gourmet food youtube videos from Bon Appetit where a pastry chef recreates childhood favorites as gourmet treats. It's really interesting because she breaks down the ingredients and is really scientific about it. The video linked above is for Oreos, but they're all super interesting.

What links have you loved lately?

Friday, August 17, 2018

Life Update - I'm engaged!

Last weekend while visiting my parents in Mississippi the most kind hearted and loving man asked me to be his wife! It was totally unexpected and happened in the most perfect way!

Originally I'd planned this post to also include how I'm excited to see the School of Rock musical and hopefully Crazy Rich Asians this week, but that just seemed like I was burying the lead too much. My heart is so full of love it's honestly hard to concentrate on anything else.

In general I've tried to keep my private life off this space, but I'm excited to transition into sharing this exciting life update. I don't plan on turning into a wedding blog but I do plan on sharing parts of the planning process in an effort to better document our love story.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

what I actually bought from the #NSale

I almost hate myself for publishing this post, but I honestly think it's super helpful to see posts of what normal (non fashion bloggers, just doing it for the clicks) girls have bought from the Nordstrom Sale. I'm not a card holder and was out of country when the sale went public so I didn't go crazy this year and only bought a few things. One major change this year for me is that I finally live close enough to a store to shop in person which is nice because I was able to see the quality of items before purchasing!

This dress is selling out fast, so if you're interested you need to jump on it ASAP! There are a variety of colors and prints, but I settled on this simple jade green shade because I think it's appropriate for a wide range of seasons.
I'm hoping these skinny pants are the same ones I bought in last year's sale and LOVED! I wore them almost every day last fall and was devastated when I couldn't find them in store after the sale.
I am so excited for this pink top! It's fleece and looks soo cozy! My office is super casual and has no dress code so I think this will be on repeat once the temperature drops this winter.
This ruffle sleeve top  was a total impulse buy and the only thing I think that may go back to the store. I ordered it online so we'll see how I feel about it once it's in and I try it on. I feel like I ordered something similar earlier this summer and the sleeve length was off.
I can not even describe how soft this blanket is, so I'll just say, do yourself a favor and order it. Now!
The only item I was super excited about from the original look-book was these earrings.  They're Kendra Scott, but I almost think they're unique to the sale because I couldn't find them on their website. They're the perfect size and very light weight. I've already worn them twice since buying them this weekend.

What'd you buy this year?