Friday, August 17, 2018

Life Update - I'm engaged!

Last weekend while visiting my parents in Mississippi the most kind hearted and loving man asked me to be his wife! It was totally unexpected and happened in the most perfect way!

Originally I'd planned this post to also include how I'm excited to see the School of Rock musical and hopefully Crazy Rich Asians this week, but that just seemed like I was burying the lead too much. My heart is so full of love it's honestly hard to concentrate on anything else.

In general I've tried to keep my private life off this space, but I'm excited to transition into sharing this exciting life update. I don't plan on turning into a wedding blog but I do plan on sharing parts of the planning process in an effort to better document our love story.


  1. Congratulations Hillary! I hope the two of you have a lifetime of happiness, true joy, and abundant love ahead of you!

  2. congrats for the new journey man


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