Wednesday, August 1, 2018

what I actually bought from the #NSale

I almost hate myself for publishing this post, but I honestly think it's super helpful to see posts of what normal (non fashion bloggers, just doing it for the clicks) girls have bought from the Nordstrom Sale. I'm not a card holder and was out of country when the sale went public so I didn't go crazy this year and only bought a few things. One major change this year for me is that I finally live close enough to a store to shop in person which is nice because I was able to see the quality of items before purchasing!

This dress is selling out fast, so if you're interested you need to jump on it ASAP! There are a variety of colors and prints, but I settled on this simple jade green shade because I think it's appropriate for a wide range of seasons.
I'm hoping these skinny pants are the same ones I bought in last year's sale and LOVED! I wore them almost every day last fall and was devastated when I couldn't find them in store after the sale.
I am so excited for this pink top! It's fleece and looks soo cozy! My office is super casual and has no dress code so I think this will be on repeat once the temperature drops this winter.
This ruffle sleeve top  was a total impulse buy and the only thing I think that may go back to the store. I ordered it online so we'll see how I feel about it once it's in and I try it on. I feel like I ordered something similar earlier this summer and the sleeve length was off.
I can not even describe how soft this blanket is, so I'll just say, do yourself a favor and order it. Now!
The only item I was super excited about from the original look-book was these earrings.  They're Kendra Scott, but I almost think they're unique to the sale because I couldn't find them on their website. They're the perfect size and very light weight. I've already worn them twice since buying them this weekend.

What'd you buy this year?

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