Friday, September 28, 2018

fall 2018 bucket list

Happy Fall Y'all! A week late, but it's really felt like fall the last few days. I'm still a summer girl at heart, but that crisp fall air sure is nice after months of HOT days. On Monday I shared the outcome of my summer bucket list, so today I thought it was only appropriate I share my fall bucket list.

1. Visit the pumpkin patch
2. Eat a corndog at the State Fair
3. Spend a Saturday binge watching college football
4. Bake a pie
5. Start selling on Poshmark again
6. Make homemade soup
7. Workout twice a week for two weeks straight
8. Watch a Halloween themed movie
9. Decorate my apartment for fall
10. Cook at home for a week
11. Visit a new town in Texas
12. Plan a fun date night out
13. Schedule an engagement photo shoot
14. Go to the eye doctor and dentist

What's on your fall 2018 bucket list?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wedding Wednesday : The Knot Experience

Today I'm excited to share my next Wedding Wednesday post! I think one of the hardest parts of wedding planning is making sure everyone who wants to be included is included in a way that fits the level they want to be involved. My fiancé obviously wants to be involved but not at the same level I'm involved in planning, enter The Knot Experience.

The Knot Experience is an impressive wedding planning experience. When I first bought tickets I thought it was a bridal show, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was different! They had table sets and decor for four different types of weddings, bohemian, modern, classic, and southern preppy. The idea was you walk around while sipping on cotton candy champaign cocktails and get inspiration from the different areas. They even had models wearing wedding dresses to match the themes. Then at the end you took a goody bag that included a listing of the vendors who made each area possible and could reach out to anyone that interested you. They also gave away common registry items, like a  KitchenAid Mixer, but we sadly didn't win any of those.

This was the perfect event to really start off our wedding planning because it was low pressure. There weren't vendors in your face trying to push products, instead everything was very relaxed. We could spend time just looking at the different elements of each area and talking about what we liked and didn't like. I have two wedding pinterest boards so I have a more concrete vision board of how I see our wedding, but this gave me a chance to see how my fiancé pictures our wedding.

If they're doing a Knot Experience in your town I highly recommend you attend. It was the perfect low pressure wedding planning afternoon! If nothing else you'll get fun instagram photos!

Monday, September 24, 2018

summer bucket list recap

With summer officially ending last week I thought it'd be fun to do a little recap of my summer bucket list. As a little heads up I did pretty terrible.

1. Make the perfect salad - Fail - I did eat more salads this summer than I did in the spring, but they were the same salad over and over

2. Make the perfect fruit salad - Fail - I don't think I ate fruit salad even once 

3. Make homemade popsicles - Fail - Again, I don't think I enjoyed a popsicle all summer

4. Get a stamp in my passport - Success! - I went to Canada for a 10 day work trip 

5. Visit a new town in Texas - Fail - The fiancé and I were both so busy with starting new jobs we didn't have time for weekend trips 

6. Get a tan - Fail - I think we only used the pool at my apartment once all summer

7. Go to a Rangers game - Fail - we thought about going a couple of times, but temperatures still in the high 90s at 7pm we always decided against it 

8. Win a round of mini golf - Success! I won a round of TopGolf on my birthday so I'm going to count it

9. Visit my parents - Success! We did this in August and it's when I got engaged! 

10. Work out three times a week for 3 weeks straight - Fail - all I have to say here is LOL 

11. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon - Fail - We watched a lot of Netflix this summer, but no Harry Potter

12. Try 3 new brunch restaurants - Success! - They weren't all brunch places but we did try a handful of new restaurants this summer

13. Finish furnishing my apartment - Success! - I still want a smaller side table for the living room and turn my larger one into a bar cart but I'd say I'm fully furnished 

14. Take the pup to the dog park - Fail - It was so hot this summer we just never wanted to have him outside for that long 

15. Go see Mamma Mia 2 - Success! - Went for my birthday and loved it! 

16. Start selling on Poshmark again - Fail - When I moved I donated a lot of things I had listed so I really don't have that much to list, but this is for sure going on my fall bucket list 

17. Be in bed by 9:30 every night for a week - Fail - Again, all I can say is LOL 

18. Eat birthday cake - Success! - After a mixup at the store my sweet (now) fiancé got me the most delicious chocolate and strawberry cake 

Did you make a summer bucket list? How'd you do? I'm working on putting together my fall bucket list, any ideas of what I should include?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians the book vs the movie

Growing up we had a rule in my family, if the movie was based on a book you had to read the book before seeing the movie. Even though I'm now an adult and not living under my parents' roof I still try to stick to this rule. So when I saw they were making a Crazy Rich Asians movie I knew I had to read the book first. This one had been on my goodreads list for a couple of years and just never made it to the top of my list, but since reading the first book I'm totally hooked on the series. Today I thought it'd be fun to talk about some of the ways the book Crazy Rich Asians is different from the movie Crazy Rich Asians.

The Ending - Let's start with the most obvious way. If you read the book and saw the movie you know these two end in very different ways. Obviously the more happy ending of the movie is nice, but I'm curious to see how that different ending will play into a sequel as one of the best opening scenes in the China Rich Girlfriend books occurs because Nick is still not speaking to his mother.

The evilness of the Singapore girls - The movie shows that Rachel isn't welcome, but I think the book did a much better job of showing how very unwelcome she was. I'm glad they kept the dead fish part, but they left out so many other small ways the Singapore girls were just evil to Rachel.

The secretness of the Youngs - In the book the Youngs are so rich nobody has heard of them, unless they're equally as old money rich. This exclusiveness makes the Youngs seem rich on a totally different level. It's like how in the Great Gatsby, nobody really knows anything about Gatsby and that makes him seem more rich and important. In the book they mention that Astrid's family has bought all the news media in the country to keep them out of the papers, that's just next level rich.

Astrid's story - I love Astrid, probably because I picture her as a modern day Asian Audrey Hepburn. I thought they should have included more of her background and Michael's "affair". I'm about 100 pages into Rich People Problems and I really don't know how they're going to make this movie with so much of Astrid's story left out of the first movie.

And one part I'm very glad they kept the same, the opening scene! Buying a posh, expensive hotel because the front office management is racist is the perfect way to explain how truly crazy rich these families are.

Did you read Crazy Rich Asians and see the movie? Which did you prefer?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wedding Wednesday - silly ways I knew I'd found the one

I'm excited to share my first Wedding Wednesday post! This past week I started actually wedding planning and think we've selected a date and location! I wanted to just really enjoy the first month of being engaged before the stress of planning set in, but as we started to casually look around at venues we realized there were already some places booked for weekends we were considering over a year away! But once contracts are signed and deposits paid to lock down our date I think I'll be able to go back to just enjoying this engaged stage of life.

I thought it'd be fun to write my Wedding Wednesday post about the ways I knew I'd found the one. But I don't want to be an emotional mess right now and share all the sentimental things I plan to write my fiancé in a letter to be opened on our wedding day. I thought instead I'd share the silly ways I knew I'd found the one.

1. I started thinking of the perfect wedding hashtag
2. I became the needy one in the relationship
3. I started looking up school district ratings
4. I started looking up private school tuition
5. I made one of my 101 in 1001 goals to get married
6. I looked up twitter/instagram handles for my new married name
7. I googled things like "best honeymoon locations"
8. I started a "first dance" playlist on spotify
9. I started thinking of a wedding as "our day" and not just "my day"
10. I started researching wedding appropriate bible verses and songs
11. I made a secret wedding Pinterest board
12. I started an excel sheet for a guest list

If you're married or engaged, what silly way made you realize you'd found the one?

Monday, September 10, 2018

8 things to buy on sale that aren't the Lilly sale

While everyone and her cousin are busy shopping the Lilly Sale skip the stress and shop other sales, or shop while you're waiting at number 2437 in line. The Kendra Scott sale section has some seriously good buys right now! And the Nordstrom sale section a couple months after the anniversary sale always turns up some goodies. Annnd don't even get me started on the Sam Edelman sale at Nordstrom Rack.

Are you shopping the Lilly Sale? Score any great buys? I haven't been overly impressed with it the last few years and have decided the stress just isn't worth it anymore.