Friday, September 28, 2018

fall 2018 bucket list

Happy Fall Y'all! A week late, but it's really felt like fall the last few days. I'm still a summer girl at heart, but that crisp fall air sure is nice after months of HOT days. On Monday I shared the outcome of my summer bucket list, so today I thought it was only appropriate I share my fall bucket list.

1. Visit the pumpkin patch
2. Eat a corndog at the State Fair
3. Spend a Saturday binge watching college football
4. Bake a pie
5. Start selling on Poshmark again
6. Make homemade soup
7. Workout twice a week for two weeks straight
8. Watch a Halloween themed movie
9. Decorate my apartment for fall
10. Cook at home for a week
11. Visit a new town in Texas
12. Plan a fun date night out
13. Schedule an engagement photo shoot
14. Go to the eye doctor and dentist

What's on your fall 2018 bucket list?

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