Monday, September 24, 2018

summer bucket list recap

With summer officially ending last week I thought it'd be fun to do a little recap of my summer bucket list. As a little heads up I did pretty terrible.

1. Make the perfect salad - Fail - I did eat more salads this summer than I did in the spring, but they were the same salad over and over

2. Make the perfect fruit salad - Fail - I don't think I ate fruit salad even once 

3. Make homemade popsicles - Fail - Again, I don't think I enjoyed a popsicle all summer

4. Get a stamp in my passport - Success! - I went to Canada for a 10 day work trip 

5. Visit a new town in Texas - Fail - The fiancĂ© and I were both so busy with starting new jobs we didn't have time for weekend trips 

6. Get a tan - Fail - I think we only used the pool at my apartment once all summer

7. Go to a Rangers game - Fail - we thought about going a couple of times, but temperatures still in the high 90s at 7pm we always decided against it 

8. Win a round of mini golf - Success! I won a round of TopGolf on my birthday so I'm going to count it

9. Visit my parents - Success! We did this in August and it's when I got engaged! 

10. Work out three times a week for 3 weeks straight - Fail - all I have to say here is LOL 

11. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon - Fail - We watched a lot of Netflix this summer, but no Harry Potter

12. Try 3 new brunch restaurants - Success! - They weren't all brunch places but we did try a handful of new restaurants this summer

13. Finish furnishing my apartment - Success! - I still want a smaller side table for the living room and turn my larger one into a bar cart but I'd say I'm fully furnished 

14. Take the pup to the dog park - Fail - It was so hot this summer we just never wanted to have him outside for that long 

15. Go see Mamma Mia 2 - Success! - Went for my birthday and loved it! 

16. Start selling on Poshmark again - Fail - When I moved I donated a lot of things I had listed so I really don't have that much to list, but this is for sure going on my fall bucket list 

17. Be in bed by 9:30 every night for a week - Fail - Again, all I can say is LOL 

18. Eat birthday cake - Success! - After a mixup at the store my sweet (now) fiancĂ© got me the most delicious chocolate and strawberry cake 

Did you make a summer bucket list? How'd you do? I'm working on putting together my fall bucket list, any ideas of what I should include?

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