Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wedding Wednesday - silly ways I knew I'd found the one

I'm excited to share my first Wedding Wednesday post! This past week I started actually wedding planning and think we've selected a date and location! I wanted to just really enjoy the first month of being engaged before the stress of planning set in, but as we started to casually look around at venues we realized there were already some places booked for weekends we were considering over a year away! But once contracts are signed and deposits paid to lock down our date I think I'll be able to go back to just enjoying this engaged stage of life.

I thought it'd be fun to write my Wedding Wednesday post about the ways I knew I'd found the one. But I don't want to be an emotional mess right now and share all the sentimental things I plan to write my fiancé in a letter to be opened on our wedding day. I thought instead I'd share the silly ways I knew I'd found the one.

1. I started thinking of the perfect wedding hashtag
2. I became the needy one in the relationship
3. I started looking up school district ratings
4. I started looking up private school tuition
5. I made one of my 101 in 1001 goals to get married
6. I looked up twitter/instagram handles for my new married name
7. I googled things like "best honeymoon locations"
8. I started a "first dance" playlist on spotify
9. I started thinking of a wedding as "our day" and not just "my day"
10. I started researching wedding appropriate bible verses and songs
11. I made a secret wedding Pinterest board
12. I started an excel sheet for a guest list

If you're married or engaged, what silly way made you realize you'd found the one?

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