Monday, October 15, 2018

Texas State Fair Recap

This is the last week of the Texas State Fair and if you haven't been you need to get yourself over to Fair Park ASAP! Fun fact the first "vacation" my fiancé and I took was to Dallas for the State Fair, so it holds a special place in my heart. My office took an afternoon to explore the Fair and it was so nice to explore in the middle of the week when the crowds were lower. It was mostly school aged kids, so there were no lines for beers.

If you've never been to the Texas State Fair the main thing to know is that the food is the star. Sure there are games and rides and the car exhibit (a nice inside AC treat!), but the real reason to visit is to try the food. Every year there is a contest for the best new food, this year's winner was a cotton candy taco! Next year I really want to go to the big awards show when they chose and announce the winner, so I can taste all the nominated dishes. That sounds like a smart thing to do a month before getting in a wedding dress, right!? Today I wanted a few items I did get to try this year!

Fletchers Corny Dog - Honestly you didn't even go to the Texas State Fair if you don't get a corny dog. I think the most iconic photo is a Fletchers with Big Tex in the background. Why is this such a classic every year? Because Fletchers invited the corn dog at the Texas State Fair! These are found across the Fair, the stands at the front will have the longest lines, but if you work your way into the Mid-Way you'll find more stands.

Texas Twang-Kie - This was the only new food we tried this time and it did not disappoint. Sometimes the special fried foods are good, but also a little gross and not something you want more than a bite or two of, but that was not the case with this one. This is essentially cornbread shaped like a Twinkie with white chicken chili inside and cornbread "fries" with more chili for dipping. This was seriously so good and something I would order at a restaurant, not just a fair where I'm trying to eat weird fried foods. This one was hard to find, but it's in the back corner of the food hall.

Funnel Cake Ale - This beer is so fun, it's a little sweet and makes you feel like you're at a Fair! It's rimmed with powered sugar with makes it a little sticky, but a whole lot of fun. Look for this in the beer garden and in the second car showroom.

Fried Oreos - How do you make an Oreo better, fry it of course! What makes this so good is that by frying them they get a little melty and even more delicious than a regular Oreo. Find these at stands all around the Mid-Way area.

My fiancé and I are hoping to go back next weekend to enjoy it one more time, any foods we need to try? I'm a little curious about the fried cuban roll and the Orange You Glad we Fried It.


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