Monday, February 4, 2019

5 ways to refresh for a new week

Weekends are just too darn short! Even though I love my job Monday mornings are hard and I often wakeup wishing the snooze button on my alarm were a time machine to redo the weekend. I have realized that the best way to get through a Monday is to take time on Sunday to prepare for it. In the past few years I've fine tuned my tricks to making Monday mornings more bearable. Today I'm sharing 5 ways to refresh for a new week! 

1. use a facemask - Obvisouly I wish I could end every weekend with a spa trip, but until I win the lottery that just isn't an option. A good at home facemask is the next best thing! There are so many in a wide variety of price ranges you're sure to find something great. I have a drawer full of these from Target; at about $2 each they're a major steal and really help me feel refreshed. If you aren't a big facemark fan doing at home manicure works just as well! 

2. tidy up the house - Let's be real, cleaning the house is not fun, but I always feel way better once it's done. Spending a few minutes on Sunday to tidy up helps me feel relaxed and ready to tackle the week ahead. It's not fun now, but come Monday morning I'll be thankful. 

3. get a good night's sleep - Probably the most important thing on this list! I think the sleep you get on Sunday night sets the tone for your sleep the rest of the week. I always feel more refreshed the morning after an early bedtime. 

4. plan out your week - I'm a planner so knowing what I have ahead is comforting for me and planning my week is a must! If you're not a big planner this could be as simple as planning out your meals for the week and going grocery shopping to stock your kitchen.

5. take time to relax - Enjoy the last of your weekend! Sunday Scaries are real, so make sure to take some time doing something you enjoy. Maybe it's watching a couple hours of mindless Netflix or maybe it's taking your pup for a long walk; whatever helps you feels relaxed and refreshed!

What's your secret to refresh for a new week? 

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