Monday, April 22, 2019

Why I miss blogging and why I don't

The other day I tweeted that I really miss blogging, but then I think about what blogging has become and realize what I really miss are the old days of blogging. When I started writing on this space back in 2013 blogging was WAY different. For starters this blog looked completely different. When I started blogging I blogged at and my page was bright pink and orange, then to a chic black and white floral print, and finally to red, navy and white. I started it in part as a way to teach myself basic coding to add a skill to my resume so I did all the coding and design. Along the way I changed the name and design (again) until I curated a space I'm still really proud of.

I recently reread this post I wrote after my first year of blogging and the nostalgia really hit. Blogging was so simple back then. The majority of people blogging were doing it for fun, not to make money or become an influencer. We wrote fun how to posts, weekend updates, and silly prompted linkups. We formed real connects and read each other's blogs and left meaningful comments; not just "cool post!" People spent time writing out posts with real content instead of spending all their time on photo shoots and linking products. Your blog was your priority, not your Instagram follower count. I miss the age of being a blogger instead of an "influencer."

When I started blogging I published 5 times a week. Sitting down for blogging time was my favorite part of my day. I not only wrote each night, but spent time reading so many blogs. Slowly that went down to posting 3 times a week and now I'll go weeks without even thinking about my blog. Part of that is that I'm in a totally different place in my life now. I now have someone to share everything with and don't have to rely on writing down my thoughts to share them. But the bigger reason that I've become so distant from this space is that the blogging world is just so different now. The "influencer" bubble will eventually burst, and when it does I hope we all go back to being just bloggers.

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