Friday, August 30, 2019

Current Netflix Watch List

Hello happy Friday friends! My office is closed today for the long weekend, so I really have an extra long holiday weekend. Tyler has to work so we don't have any plans other than staying home and out of the heat. I should probably work on wedding details (less than 60 days to go!) but I'll probably mostly watch Netflix. We don't have cable and only stream, but I have this idea that I want to have less streaming services to consolidate more. That means I need to watch everything on Netflix before we drop it. I don't know if this is an idea from a good place of wanting to save money and be minimalistic, or just my excuse to watch more Netflix. So if you're like me and planning to spend your weekend in the AC here's my current Netflix watch list

1. Glow - This is what I'm currently watching on Netflix. The third season picks up where the second ended with the ladies taking their show to Vegas. I'm only a few episodes into the new season, but so far it's as good as the first two.

2. No Good Nick - I stumbled upon this Netflix original series when I was looking for something to watch alone the other day and I'm so glad I did! The premise is that a girl goes to live with a family in an attempt to con and rob them. Melissa Joan Hart plays the mom so you know it's good! The characters are equally likable and unlikeable which makes it feel more real.

3. The Good Place - The new season recently was added to Netflix so now is the time to watch this if you haven't already. Simply put, The Good Place is the smartest show currently on television.

4. Gilmore Girls - It always feels like fall/winter when I watch Gilmore Girls so its the perfect time to start a rewatch of this one. I've seen this one so many times, but always feel a little different each time I watch it. This last time around I found Rory more and more unlikeable and Emily my favorite.

Prime Bonus : Suits - We're currently about a season and a half into this one and loving it so far. I'm not a huge Megan Markle fan, Price Harry is my OG celebrity crush, so I was a little hesitant to watch this one. But I remember wanting to watch this when it originally aired so I decided to give it a try.

Stars Bonus : Outlander - You can watch the first two seasons of Outlander on Netflix but I'd avoid that unless you have access to Stars streaming for the other seasons. After binging the first two seasons in record time I desperately looked around to find someone who could share their Stars streaming login with me! Fiancé and I watch this one together which is good because it's easy to miss details so having two sets of eyes on the screen is good.

What are you currently watching? Do you favor Netflix or another streaming service? Anyone else counting down to the release Disney+!?

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