Saturday, November 23, 2019

2019 Gift Guides : Things I Own and Love

So excited to kick off the 2019 gift guides today! Before we start, a little note on gift guides. You absolutely do not need to buy anything for anyone for the holiday. Things are fun, but nothing beats quality time, even if it's just a nice phone call to say you care. I was really torn about putting together 2019 gift guides, but decided I wanted to do it this year because these are some of my favorite posts to put together. Yes, lots of these items are linked and I can make a small amount of money off the clicks, but it's not about the clicks. I genuinely love putting shopping posts together; I feel like I'm shopping without spending the money. I hope you like these 2019 gift guides as much as I like putting them together!

All these items in today's gift guide are things I own and love! The heated blanket and socks are good practical gifts while the earrings and card wallet are more fun. These are great items to add to your own list or to gift to someone else.

What's something you own and love that you recommend for gifts?

Want more ideas for great gifts I've bought and love? Check out this old guide and this one.

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