Friday, November 8, 2019

money diaries

Do you read money diaries on Refinary29? I'm obsessed and have decided I want to submit my own! Below is my first attempt at keeping track; I clearly missed some details (and it's a few months old) so this one won't be submitted, but my breakdown of what I spent this weekend post is my favorite from 2019 so I thought this would be fun to share too. 

7:30am : Alarm goes off, and then again, and again. Anyone else set multiple alarms to wake up in the morning? I quickly get ready and grab a frozen Lean Cuisine before heading out the door.

9:05am: Finally make to my desk; traffic was horrific this morning! It's pretty slow in the office today because we were out last week onsite for an event. I work in a small office, but there are usually more than the 5 of us in the office today. We all get extra days off when we work weekends and it seems like most the office decided to take theirs today.

12:30pm : Finally made it to lunch! On slow days I always try to wait until later to eat lunch to help break up the day; if it's a busy day I tend to eat early. I heat up my Lean Cuisine in the break room and return to my desk to eat while I scroll Instagram on my phone.

5pm : After a quick stop to drop off some Amazon returns at UPS I'm home! It's amazing how easy it is to get home when it's not rush hour traffic! I take the pup out to play in the yard. It's too hot out for a walk but the yard has a lot of shade so I let him run around and play extra long.

6:30pm : T is home from work! We're both hungry and decide to start cooking dinner. The chicken we were planing to make isn't thawed out so we go for plan B with grilling burgers. I make some green beans with bacon, onion and garlic salt for a full meal.

7:30pm - It's still pretty early so I decide to run out and do a couple errands I was planning to do in the morning. I have to return a few things to Old Navy and exchange a registry gift that arrived broken from Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm feeling good about the refunds I did today so I decide to make one last stop at my favorite specialty grocery store. I grab scones for breakfast tomorrow, peach sparkling soda, and a bag of hatch green chili crips that I think will be a good snack with some cheese.

9:45 - I watch an episode of Jane the Virgin and then decide to head to bed and read a little. T falls asleep pretty quickly but I'm not as tired as I thought. I turn on Netflix and realize I never watched the last few episodes of Kimmy Schmidt when they got added months ago. I watch a couple of episodes and then decide it's late and I need to go to sleep.

Daily Total : $10.20

9:30 - Happy Birthday to me! I took today as my extra day off work and didn't set an alarm. It's so nice to sleep in; does anyone else feel like they sleep 10 times better when they don't have to set an alarm? I respond to a few "happy birthday" texts and then decide to get out of bed and take the pup out. I think he enjoyed sleeping in as much as I did because I have to wake him up! T is working from home today so he makes me coffee and we eat our scones and some pineapple together while I open the birthday gifts my family sent. Both my mom and dad call me; which is nice because I haven't seen them in a couple of months. I'll be home for a couple of days in a few weeks and we talk about how excited we are to see each other!

11:00am - T gets back to work and I shower and then watch a few more episodes of Kimmy Schimt. When we first moved in I didn't think we'd use the office that much, but now I'm so glad we have it. Both T and I have the option to work from home once a week and having that dedicated space for work is such a nice thing. Eventually we'll turn that room into a nursery, but that's a few years away, so we're enjoying it for now.

3pm - My only real plan for today was to get a manicure and pedicure so I head out to my local nail salon. I only get my nails done about once every other month at most so this always feels like a real treat! I realize I haven't eaten since my scone this morning and gladly accept the Diet Coke they offer! Because it's my birthday I upgrade to services with the hot towels, scrub, and mask. I pick a hot pink for my fingers and a deep pink for my toes.  $75 including tip

7pm - We head out for our dinner reservation. I gave T three suggestions and then he picked; I'm secretly really happy he picked this one because it was my top choice! I'm on a mission to try new restaurants instead of frequenting the same few ones and this one has great reviews. We order a few cocktails (Titos Moscow Mules), a crispy asparagus appetizer, steak frites (him), the daily special fried chicken (me) and a fried berry hand-pie. It's my birthday so he pays for dinner ($145) but I have cash to tip the valet for our car. $5

9pm - One last stop before we head home! We stop into Sprinkles to grab cupcakes for tomorrow. When we first moved to Dallas we lived a lot closer to the bakery and went all. the. time. Now we're farther away so they feel like a treat, but we still consider them "our" thing. We get carrot cake (me) lemon (him) and a pupcake! We put them on my rewards number but T pays. When we get home we take the pup out and get ready for bed, both sleepy and full from dinner. I read some before falling asleep.

Daily Total : $80

8:15am - After my three alarms go off I finally get ready quickly and I'm out the door. I always shower at night so that my morning routine is minimal. I think about stopping for coffee and a donut on the way into the office but decide I don't really need it today.

1pm - Pack up my stuff and go meet T for lunch with plans to work from home the rest of the afternoon. Our offices are relatively close so we get lunch together occasionally; it's really nice to see each other in the middle of the day especially when he has to work late. We decide on a sandwich place that reminds us of college and where I have a free birthday meal. My salad is free with my birthday coupon and I pay for his sandwich combo and our drinks

2pm- I decide to stop for gas on the way home because I have less than a quarter tank. I have a favorite gas station that I try to stop at exclusively because it's usually at least 10 cents less than anywhere else, but because of this there's always a line. I really thought I'd get lucky and not have a line since its the middle of the day, but everyone else must have had the same idea because it's packed.

3pm - Make it home and the pup is so excited I'm here early! I check my work email and see nothing new so I continue working on the few tasks I had to finish from this morning. Still nothing new in my inbox so I decide to call it a day and do some wedding research. Our wedding is about 3 months away so it's mostly planned, but I still need to figure out a few details like a cake topper and veil. I spend a couple of hours on Etsy, but don't find anything I love. T calls to let me know he's leaving the office to head to his dinner meeting and we chat while he drives.

7pm - T calls to say he's bringing home dinner! I was planning to repurpose some leftovers, but this sounds much better! He has these dinner sales meetings a couple times a week and brings home extras about once a month. He comes home with a full meal for me; salad, bread, steak, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and peas.

Daily Total : $37.13

8:00am - I keep hitting the snooze button until T lets me know how late it is; I just don't feel good and decide to work from home today. I send a quick email to the rest of my team and update the shared staff calendar so nobody thinks I'm MIA. Let the pup out and feed him; I'm not really hungry so I just pour myself a glass of orange juice and move to the couch. I answer the few emails I received overnight and make a plan for what I really need to get done today.

10:30am - I decide a hot shower will probably make me feel better. I'm feeling congested so hopefully the hot steam will do the trick! I skip washing my hair, but do use my favorite body scrub. It was a great Amazon find in the spring. The shower does the trick and I'm feeling much better! I mix together the salad T brought home last night with a small one I have in the fridge and eat lunch. It's a lot of lettuce, but not very filling since I skipped breakfast so I grab a few of the green chili crips to snack on while I get back to work.

1:30pm - Nothing new has popped up in my in-box today so I decide to call it a day and will just keep an eye on my in-box. I feel a little bad I didn't put in 40 hours this week, but our office is very relaxed and we don't have to track our time so really nobody knows how much time you put in each week. I also rationalize that I put in over 60 hours last week so it's okay I took it a little easy this week. I find a movie to watch on Netflix write some thank you notes for birthday and wedding gifts.

Daily Total : $0

9am - Wake up feeling very refreshed! T is already out the door for work so I have a lazy morning after taking the pup out. I pour a cup of coffee from the leftover pot T made this morning and heat up a frozen breakfast sandwich. I snuggle up on the couch and turn on Netflix that I can mindlessly watch.

12pm - Talk myself out of going to get the Thai food I really want and settle for something at home instead. My options are a little limited so I plate up some tuna salad, pretzel crisps, and frozen broccoli. It's not what I really wanted, but knowing I saved money and ate something that was already in the house makes me feel good. I've gotten in a bad habit lately of eating out on weekends when T is at work and that is not a good habit to develop.

2:30pm - T is back home and we're out the door to go pick out my birthday present! I decided I wanted a real pair of boots, but obviously didn't trust him to pick them out himself. After trying every brown size 7 boot; I finally find a great pair; because they're a birthday present T pays. We decide to leave them there overnight to be gently stretched so they won't take as long to break-in.

5:00pm - T and I head to church; we usually go on Sunday mornings but decided to switch it up this week so we can sleep in tomorrow. Going to church together is one of my favorite things; I really love that it's something we can share. Our church is a little out of the way, but it's the one we started going to when we first moved to Dallas so we make the longer drive weekly. $10 for the collection plate

Daily Total : $10

Grocery Shopping -  I buy eggs, bacon, breakfast bars, salsa, frozen pizza, a couple lean cuisines, a bag each frozen broccoli, green beans, and a broccoli cauliflower mix, and Arizona Tea Arnold Palmer. I try to stock up on frozen veggies when they go on sale to avoid paying the higher price for fresh. I also always make sure to have at least one frozen pizza in the freezer for nights that get away from me and dinner is either that or fast food.  $67.64

Weekly Total : $204.97

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