Friday, November 15, 2019

my don't list

I'm totally stealing this idea from Lindsay today who borrowed it from this article. In a world where there is so much pressure to seem picture perfect I love the idea of embracing the don'ts. We can't do everything, and that's okay!

  • I don't always clean the dishes the same night as cooking
  • I don't eat organic or clean or fair trade 
  • I don't make my bed daily 
  • I don't use fancy face serums or creams to prevent wrinkles 
  • I don't condition my hair enough 
  • I don't exercise regularly 
  • I don't wear a size 0 
  • I don't get up when my alarm first goes off 
  • I don't start the day with a healthy breakfast, most days I don't eat any breakfast 
  • I don't deep clean my kitchen or bathroom or baseboards 

What's on your don't list? 

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