Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wedding Wednesday : everything that went wrong with planning

I want to start this post by saying my wedding day was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a single thing. But along the way I hit quite a few bumps in the road, by the end the only thing I could say when something went wrong was "add it to the list!" We got married and honestly that's all that really matters. I kept saying as long as we sign the marriage license the day will be a success, and you know what it was! All these bumps in the road were just constant reality checks and reminders that it's not about the wedding, it's about the marriage.

How much could really go wrong planning one day you ask? Well a lot. Here is everything that went wrong with planning

1. My engagement photos outfit was lost in the mail - I ordered the most beautiful blush pink tulle skirt that would make me look like a fairy princess. And my shipping accidentally reset to my old Colorado address. I ended up finding a different outfit that photographed beautifully and everything was alright.

2. Half the apartment numbers weren't printed on the save the dates. We used Minted for our save the dates and overall I would recommend them because the process was fairly simple and very cost effective. The problem we had was that when we uploaded our list of addresses we didn't realize the column with apartment numbers didn't import. So after we dropped them in the mail my parents received a handful back for incorrect address.

3. The post office gave us incorrect information about needed postage on the invitations. I decided to go with these all in one invitations from Minted because I loved the idea of a wedding invite with less waste. I did all the research and everything said they only needed 1 stamp; I sent T to the post office with one to double check and the mail clerk confirmed just the 1 forever stamp. So we mailed them and again about a week later my parents started receiving them returned for incorrect postage. My mom took the returned invites to her post office and they explained that while they did qualify for just the 1 stamp someone looking at them quickly could easily think they needed 2 because they were very close to a square shape.

4. My dress shop went out of business and the owner was almost deported before I could pick up my dress. I loved my wedding dress! I found a small local shop that custom makes every single dress so there's low overhead cost and prices are actually lower than I found at any off the rack stores. About a month before I was set to pick up my dress the shop was vandalized, destroying the few stock dresses they do have; this caused her to miss the big summer bridal shows and have to close. Luckily my dress wasn't in the store yet so it was spared, but we had to move up my final fitting appointments because she was closing her doors. Then the last week she's open when I'm supposed to be picking up my dress she has to keep rescheduling. It turns out she had a traffic ticket (that was getting throwout!) that was holding up her application for citizenship and she had to be available to her immigration attorney.

5. 41 days before wedding day I got a call that the bakery was closing two weeks before our wedding.  To be honest this one almost sent me over the edge; we'd signed a contract over 7 months ago how could they be closing!? After having a legit freakout where I called T and my mom in tears I called another local bakery. We ended up getting our cakes from Panini Bakery and I could not have been more pleased with them! Their team instantly made me feel more comfortable about the situation and went out of their way to help me with this late request. Honestly this "went wrong" ended up having a better result than our original plan.

6. My day of coordinator moved out of state. Being a professional planner I felt pretty confident about planning my wedding, but I did need someone to be at the rehearsal venue while we were at the ceremony. I found a great day of coordinator when I went to the bridal show in January and we immediately clicked. About a month and a half before the wedding she let me know that her husband had gotten a new job and they were moving out of state. Luckily she made arrangements to come back on the weekends of her weddings!

7. My custom table markers were destroyed in the mail. We had a small intimate wedding so I really wanted all the details to be personal and thought out. Instead of traditional table numbers we labeled each with the name of a place that was important to us: our first date, first vacation, where we grew up, etc. I found an artist on Etsy who I hired to create custom watercolors for each, but sadly they were destroyed in the mail and never made it to me. Luckily I'd printed cards to go on each table explaining the importance of each location, so we just framed those and used them as the table markers.

8. My car battery died the afternoon of the rehearsal. I first had trouble with it Thursday afternoon when I couldn't get it to start leaving at the grocery store. T came to rescue me and was able to get it to start right away so we figured I was just stressed and hadn't put the key in all the way. But when I couldn't get it to start again the next day I knew there was an issue. I was able to get it to start and drove right home where I left it until Monday when I brought it to the dealership for a diagnostic check.

9. My hair and makeup team showed up late. I only had two bridesmaids, my sisters, and they stayed with me at my house on Friday night. I arranged to have someone come to do our hair and makeup at the house Saturday morning. They were scheduled to arrive at 8am to start setting up but the first didn't arrive until 8:26am; obviously I was freaking out. Luckily we had some extra time built in before we really had to leave for the church so it all turned out okay.

10. The Day of the Dead parade shut down the streets around my reception venue. At this point I really thought it was going to be smooth sailing. We had made it through the ceremony and only had the party time left. Well jokes on me because there was just enough time for one more thing to go wrong.  We had repurchased parking for our guests, but with the streets shut down it was impossible to get to it so our entrance was delayed while we waited for them to find other options. Honestly I'm still pretty upset about this one and not ready to laugh it off yet. I understand the venue had no control over the parade, but they gave me absolutely no pre-warning about it. I reached out the day before after the hotel where we had our block warned guests about valet availability and the venue told me I had nothing to worry about. I'm sure in time I'll be able to laugh this one off too.

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