Monday, January 13, 2020

20 DFW restaurants I want to try this year

When I first moved to Dallas I had these grand dreams of all the great new restaurants I would enjoy. But in the almost 2 years I've lived here I find myself keeping on going back to the same places. There's nothing wrong with having favorite spots, but as I try to be more intentional with my spending this year I want to try and branch out. Here are 20 DFW restaurants I want to try this year. My hope is to use this list the next time we don't know where to go on date night or for lunch after church.

cheeseburger and fries from Sweet Basil in Vail 

1. Hudson House - This has been on my open table list forever; they have a couple of salads and a cheeseburger that look to die for

2. Maple leaf Diner - After trying Poutine in Toronto a few years back I'm dying to try it again, what better place than the local Canadian diner!

3. Joe T. Garcia's - This is the place for margaritas and fajitas in Fort Worth. I think the husband and I need to take a day trip to explore and eat

4. Pizza Americana - I pass this pizza spot every day going to work but always forget about it when we order a pizza

5. Bar Taco - I've seen other bloggers talk about how good this spot is, so I've been excited to try it out since ours opened a few months back

6. The Biscuit Bar - This looks like the perfect spot for brunch after church one Sunday.

7. Cane Rosso - The dessert pizzas alone got this pizza place added to my list

8. Pecan Lodge - Everyone says this is the best BBQ in Dallas, it's time I try it out for myself

9. Ziziki's - I love Greek food, but don't eat near enough of it.

10. Taverna - $2 mimosa brunch. Need I say more?

11. Rise No. 1 - I've admittedly never had a savory souffle so I'm mostly interested in the sweet ones. Oh and the marshmallow soup!

12. El Fenix - This Dallas chain has been around for over 100 years so you know it must be doing something right

13. Royal China - I've heard this is the place for dumplings and I love dumplings!

14. Emporium Pies - Does a bakery count as a restaurant? I've decided it does!

15. The Zodiac- Are you really a Dallasitte if you've never lunched in the original Neiman Marcus?

16. Oddfellows - My maiden name is one letter off, so obviously this made the list

17. Partenope Ristorante - This southern Italian spot caught my eye on a list of hot new restaurants in Dallas and I've been thinking about the menu ever since

18. Keller's Drive-in - You know something is good when it doesn't even need it's own website, just a Facebook page

19. Ida Claire - This looks like the perfect quirky little spot for a delicious bite

20. Cafe Pacific - On an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate they talked about the pecan ball with is  pecans, vanilla ice cream, and fudge sauce all round up in a ball. This has been on my list ever since

What's your favorite DFW restaurant? I'd love to add more to my list!

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