Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019 Goals Recap

Happy 2020! I'm honestly so sad to see 2019 go because it was a good year filled with good memories, but before I officially close the page I thought I'd share a final 2019 goals recap! You might remember I decided to officially call them intentions and not goals; looking back now I think that's because I had very little faith in myself achieving these. But I'm excited to say I'd call 2019 a success!

1. Save $3600 - This was a total failure as I added nowhere near that much to my savings this year. But I did buy a house which was the big why behind this goal so maybe it wasn't a total failure. I also helped the husband see the importance of savings and I'm proud to say we're back on track of slowly adding to our savings while also paying off debt/ our mortgage.

2. Read 12 Books - Success! This one came down to the wire and I finished my final book with about a week to go. Halfway though the year this was not looking good and I was prepared to give myself a lot of grace for not reaching it, but I really prioritized reading the last two months and got this complete! I won't be doing a full "what I read" recap because I wouldn't recommend most of what I read, but I did really enjoy Love at First Like and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and didn't think American Royals or The Dinner List lived up to their hype.

3. Feel Confident in Photos - This was a success, but not in the way I thought it would. I originally set this goal as my "lose weight and be healthy" goal without wanting to say lose weight and be healthy. I didn't lose any weight this year, in fact I may have gained a couple pounds, but I did realize that in the big picture of life that's okay. When I look at my wedding photos I don't look at a single one and think I wish I were skinnier or wore a smaller dress size; all I see is someone truly happy and filled with joy. Could I stand to lose a few pounds? Sure who couldn't. But I'm not letting that control me and my happiness and sense of self worth.

4. Get Involved in Something in Dallas - Another success! About a month ago I officially became a member of Junior League of Richardson. When I first wrote this goal I really thought I'd get involved in my sorority alum chapter and honestly never even considered Junior League, which is silly because joining Junior League was one of my 100 in 1001 goals. Junior League of Dallas is crazy competitive to get into so I'm glad I joined by suburbs group; not only is the group smaller and more manageable but I like that we serve a more distinct area.

How'd you do on your 2019 goals? Did you do a recap post? Share the link below!

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