Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wedding Wednesday : Favorite Registry Items

Breaking out another Wedding Wednesday post to share some of our most used and favorite registry items. These 6 items are more unique than the basic obvious wedding registry items every list tells you to add. Obviously a wedding registry is more than likely going to include new bedding and towels and a set of china or everyday dishes. My advice for those items is to select something classic that will match other items you already have in your home. We went with an every day china collection (machine washable!) that is white with a gold border; it's simple and timeless and will easily match whatever serving pieces or table decor I use. So here are my 6 unique favorite registry items!

Sorry, I'm just a little obsessed with my ring! Read the story of it here

Air Fryer / Instant Pot- This wasn't an original registry item, but I'm so glad we added it! Having two great kitchen appliances in one really can't be beat! And yes, both of these are as good as all the hype they get.

Immersion Blender - I've wanted one of these for years so I was so glad when it was one of the first items we received! I love that this one includes a blending cup perfect for when I'm just doing a small amount.

Taco Racks - A lot of people shy away from including fun gifts like this on a registry, but I think they're the exact type of gift people love to give! Fun, yet practical so they'll get a lot of use, plus these are really easy to clean! We also registered for these fajita pans which we love as well!

Vacuum - This is admittedly a high dollar item that is out of the price range of most people, but I'd still advise including it. We combined all our gift cards to buy ours, but this would be a great gift for a few couples or your wedding party to go in on together.

Pot set - This is the perfect time to upgrade your basics. This set has the perfect variety of sizes, including a large pot that's perfect for making big batches of soup or gumbo!

Christmas Plates - Special holiday pieces are the perfect things to add to your registry. My godmother got us these precious Christmas plates that I know we will use every year and think of her.

One final note on wedding registry items. We registered at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Williams Sonoma. Target and BBB were so easy to work with in regards to starting the registry and making returns/exchanges. Williams Sonoma was a nightmare. When I started our Williams Sonoma registry they also (unknown to me) started a Pottery Barn registry where they added one white bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth. I only discovered this when I received these gifts in the mail from someone who purchased them thinking that was all that was left on my registry. In the process of getting everything settled Williams Sonoma deleted my actual registry; after countless hours on the phone and emailing 11 different people in their customer service department we were finally able to find and reactivate the real registry. All they offered me after that nightmare experience was a 10% discount on a future purchase, so less than they regularly mark things for store wide sales. And then because all of that wasn't a big enough headache, unless a gift was purchased in the store you visit they can not refund/exchange it; you have to wait to be mailed a gift card. They have nice things, but the headache just isn't worth it; register somewhere else.

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