Monday, February 24, 2020

Spring Fashion I'm Loving

Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone I feel like we can start talking about spring. I know we're still technically about a month away from the start of spring, but hey the ground hog did predict an early spring! I'm trying not to make any fashion purchases this month, but here are a few things I've got my eye on once the month ends!

I also have my eyes on these new Rothy's but I can't decide if I think them more than the regular pointed toe ones. And this Target dress has been getting a lot of love from other bloggers recently, but I can't decide which color I like best.

What spring fashion do you have your eyes on?

Monday, February 10, 2020

What I'm Currently Watching

The weather here in Dallas is supposed to be gross and rainy all week. Gross and rainy weather makes me want to sit home and binge watch tv, and I have a feeling I'm not the only one who feels that same way! Even though I've made it a goal to be more intentional with my time this year and not sit around endlessly watching tv, I still have my fair share of recommendations for you!

1. Cheer - I never did cheer ( I can't even do a cartwheel lol) but I think the big picture message of this docu-series is one that everyone can get behind. This is getting so much hype already I'm sure you've watched, but if you've yet to pull the trigger I'll say the hype is totally worth it.

2. Grace and Frankie - The final season dropped on Netflix about a month ago and while I'm sad the series is over I think it ended in the perfect way. If you're looking for a funny series to bing in it's entirety I'd highly recommend this one.

3. Disney+ Classics - One of my favorite parts of Disney+ so far has been the old live action movies. It's been fairly easy to catch the classic animated ones on other streaming services or tv in the last few years, but nobody has played the live action ones. Some of my favorites are Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, The Ugly Dachshund, and Blackbeard's Ghost

4. Encore! - speaking of Disney+, this is my favorite of their original programming. The idea is that they go back years later and re-do a high school musical with the original cast. Some of the casts are only about 10 years out of high school, but some of them are closer to 30 years. It's so funny because there's usually at least one person in each cast who has a big personality and tries to bring back the old high school drama.

5. Troop Zero - This Amazon movie was so well done I think it could have been released in theaters. I was never a girl scout, but again the big picture message is one that resonates with anyone. Plus there are some big names in the cast.

6. 911 Lone Star - This was my husband's pick, but it's one that I really enjoy too! It's not as intense as the other 911 show and how can you not love something with Rob Lowe as the main character.

7. Miss Americana - My love of Taylor Swift has been well documented here, so you know I'm biased, but this was so so good. I literally cried three times watching it. I have a whole new respect for Taylor the person after watching this one.

What are you currently watching?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wedding Wednesday : My Bachelorette Weekend

When it came time to plan my bachelorette weekend I was really stumped as to what to do. I only had my two sisters as bridesmaids, neither of which are your typical Las Vegas bachelorette type of girls. I decided what I really wanted was a chill weekend with my mom and two sisters. After lots of thinking my mom had the great idea of going to a cooking school!

I flew home to Mississippi and then we drove up to Greenwood. Greenwood is a small town (well large for the area) in the Mississippi Delta. Fun fact, they actually shot a lot of scenes from the movie The Help in Greenwood! Greenwood is also home to the Viking Cooking School.

In the middle of downtown is a cute little street with some local shops, the cooking school, and The Alluvian Hotel. The Alluvian is a cute boutique hotel with a spa and restaurant. We had dinner at the on-site restaurant, Giardina's, our first night and I'd highly recommend it. The restaurant is set up as separate little private booths so your meal feels very intimate and private. The hotel also serves breakfast on the top floor each morning. It's a great Southern style breakfast with eggs, biscuits, grits; all the yummy things you need to start the day!

The cooking school itself was such a fun experience! We selected a class where we made Southern favorites inspired by the movie The Help. We started with some sweet tea and deviled eggs while we learned the correct way to dice an onion and peel garlic. We then learned to make fried chicken, skillet corn bread, mac&cheese, greens, and buttermilk biscuits. We finished the class with a slice of chocolate pie! The class was perfect because not only were the instructions easy to follow, but all the ingredients were already measured out (my least favorite part of cooking) and there were two instructors to help if you got confused. Oh and you didn't have to do any dishes when it was all done!

I came home with a Viking apron, packet of receipts, and feeling like I was ready to be a real Southern housewife! I would recommend the Viking Cooking School to anyone wanting a relaxing bachelorette weekend or just a fun, low-key girls getaway.

Monday, February 3, 2020

20 easy ways to reach your savings goals in 2020

A few weeks back I shared 20 easy tips for reaching your health goals in 2020 so today I thought I'd share my tips fore reaching the other most common type of resolution; savings goals. Even if my didn't make an official money/ savings goal for 2020 these tips are so easy you could incorporate one without trouble. I recently saw something on instagram that said the way to spend $1000 in a year is to spend $19.23 a week. When you think about it that, saving $1000 in a year seems very doable! Here are my 20 easy ways!

  1. have a no spend month 
  2. pay your savings account at the beginning of the month 
  3. download the grocery store app and shop the sales
  4. pack your lunch 
  5. never buy something just because "it's on sale"
  6. enjoy date night at home
  7. sell your less worn items on Poshmark
  8. cut a subscription service 
  9. plan minimal ingredient meals
  10. pick up a side hustle 
  11. go out for happy hour drinks + apps instead of dinner 
  12. cash in your credit card points
  13. make your coffee at home 
  14. get a library card 
  15. ask for a raise 
  16. buy frozen veggies vs. fresh
  17. "shop" your closet
  18. swap accessories with a friend 
  19. ask yourself if you really need it before making a purchase 
  20. have a clear vision of what you're saving for 
What are your tips to reach your savings goals? 

Want more tips on reaching your savings goals? Go check out this old post I wrote